Musings of a Make Up Maniac: 101 Goals in 1001 Days

A good while ago, I read Julie's version of this post, I was instantly inspired to do the same. I've always been quite, well....... unrealistic at setting goals with unrealistic time lines.....

Maybe writing them up here will motivate me do get as much done as possible.

I've been trying to complete writing the list of 101 of things to do and I found it quite hard to write down 101 goals, so do I start from when I first started this? - I think so! the end date will still be the same, hopefully more ideas of goals will pop into my head.

So MORE WILL BE ADDED when I'm inspired!
Here's my version 101 Goals in 1001 Days

Start date: 1 Feburary 2012
End date: 29 October 2014

  1. Find a hairdresser I actually like and stick to them.
  2. Reach goal weight in weight watchers (10 stone) and maintain it.
  3. Finish all the books I've gotten half way through before I start another.
  4. Try to up date this blog at least twice a week and keep it up. 
  5. Actually meet up with old friends instead of saying "yeah I'll do that" and never actually do that.
  6. Start "face of the day" on blog. Yes, get the face out there! (and keep it up)
  7. Fall in love.
  8. Laser hair removal on "hoo ha".
  9. Visit Barcelona.
  10. Get ECDL.
  11. Get fit.
  12. Redecorate bedroom.
  13. Do meet up with old college friends.
  14. Do an actual video skype!
  15. Go to my cousins wedding in Ohio.
  16. Do a sky dive.
  17. Do a fish pedicure. (Do you want to see a blog post on it? - comment below!)
  18. Be more involved in the local Theatre (don't totally waste my college course)
  19. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  20. Cook a proper healthy meal for myself at least once a week.
  21. Repair my boots.
  22. Distance myself from negative influences.
  23. Rent a car ON MY OWN and drive to Galway 
  24. While in Galways spend a relaxing day/night in spa at the G Hotel. (Read my post on it!)
  25. 24 : Stay at the G Hotel
  26. Buy a designer handbag and LOVE IT. (Bought a Juicy Couture bag in London read the post here!).
  27. Feature as a guest blogger on someone else's blog.
  28. Get a guest blogger for Madames Made Up. (Read Ann Marie's Post on Mane N' Tail Shampoo here.)
  29. Redesign blog look. (I've done so a few times)
  30. Attend a PR event. (The Body Shop)
  31. Get teeth whitened.
  32. Beat my mum at scrabble.
  33. Wear fake tan out so I don't look like a ghost at least 4 times.
  34. Learn the back roads because I don't have a clue!
  35. Drive into town and not panic.
  36. Meet up with old work mates more often.
  37. Go to London for a girly weekend. (Not just to see my boyfriend!)
  38. Get a tattoo (even if it's teeney tiny like Phoebe's in Friends....)  
  39. 37: A teeney tiny tattoo
  40. Find out if I can trade in my old iPod to get the iPod touch 4th generation (I just bought a new iPod as they no longer did the trade in, only at Christmas time.
  41. If I can trade it in, do so.
  42. IMATS
  43. Babysit for a friend so they can go out on a date night
  44. Organise a surprise for a friends birthday.
  45. Tell my family about my blog (not just my brother Darran) and show them it.
  46. Get 100 followers.
  47. Get a tweet back from Pixiwoo (Got a tweet back from Sam and a follow! @Madamesmadeup )
  48. Pass on items that I don't use.
  49. Buy a property.
  50. Promote friends / families work as much as possible.
  51. Attempt drag queen look for Halloween.
  52. Get an Aerlingus Gold Card.
  53. Learn first aid.
  54. Organise my wardobe - throw out clothes I no longer wear.
  55. Eat fruit at least once four times a day.
  56. Drink a bottle (500mls) of water a day at least (if not more).
  57. Get a good DSLR camera.
  58. Buy photoshop. (Well I didn't buy it my brother gave it to me for my Birthday!)
  59. Learn how to use photoshop. (in the process!)
  60. Join a sculpting class (if such a thing exsists)
  61. Think of more ideas for this challenge!
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