11 March 2015


It's something that I've been happening for over 10 years. Grey. When I first seen that tiny root of grey creep out I will admit, I was devastated. I quick dash down the stairs to my mum to have her exterminate the crown of my head for anymore of "the buggers". Maybe I had lost the only hair I found in my panic, or maybe it was my mother protecting me from the thought of going grey while still a teen, but she said there was nothing there to worry about. Skip head a couple of months...

While I was in school, I will admit I was never the popular girl in school. I had a group of good friends, hair dye was a fun thing to experiment with so I never had to worry about my friends seeing my little dilemma popping up to say hello. But when your a teen, relying on pocket money you can't afford to always be dying your hair every six weeks. I dyed my hair a warm mahogany shade which I didn't realize at the time, emphasised the few grey hairs that would creep up. I wasn't until a girl in one of my classes plucked a hair out of my head that I felt (literally!) the impact of it. Yes I did the usual, after the incident, after class I welled up and shed a few tears in the bathroom to friend who was quite reassuring at the time. Gathered myself together - and I knew now, I wasn't hiding this from anyone.

Let's pop back to today - there's more grey hairs (as they tend to not go away, but only increase in area coverage). I do go to the hairdressers every 8-10 weeks to get my roots touched up. But what has changed since I was a teenager? Well my attitude, this was a change I needed to adjust towards the whole thing.

grey hair

Yes I got older I got the more hairs came along. But I had to realize that it wasn't going to go anywhere. For a while I kept up with the maintenance of the dying of the hair every couple of weeks. When I was a teen and in my early 20's, as I mentioned before I was dying my hair a dark/redish brown. This emphasised my roots, so I decided to change my hair as I was never blonde before and I fancied a change.

Going blonde 4 years ago was fun. Expensive, but I loved it. Going blonde I think for me was a stepping stone for acceptance of my grey hair. I would grow out but I didn't think it was that noticeable.

So what if you are still in denial? I found ensuring that you have plenty of volume in your hair can help conceal the roots. Blow dry your hair upside down. Maybe think of parting your hair differently, are all the greys in the centre, can you split your hair to the side. Is it more noticeable tied up or worn down? Can you use the coloured dry shampoos to help conceal?

It's no big deal to me now at all - but at the time of me going grey at first I was heart broken ("why me?" etc.) For some women or men, time frames for accepting or "getting used to" can vary. For me it was about 5 years. Now I tend to take the piss out of myself . I do have some crazy ideas that one day I will dye my hair grey all over.

grey hair pinterest

So what causes premature grey hairs?

  • Genetics
  • Diet
  • Lack of vitamins
  • Smoking 
The first thing I did when I seen the grey hairs I went straight to my mother to check if this was normal (which I had a strong suspicion it was not). She mentioned about an uncle of mine having gone grey at quite a young age, so for me genetics is probably the cause of mine, but my diet is probably adding to it. I'm not a smoker and I don't take any vitamin supplements.

For more information visit - http://gaizupath.com/premature-gray-hair/

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

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