10 October 2014

My thoughts: Fake Make up

I don't mean for this to be a rant-like style post and apologies if it does sound slightly. There's something that's been bugging me for a few days and I feel that I need to speak about it. It is as the title of the post suggests is fake make up. I thought about doing a video on this topic on my youtube channel - but I thought no - it is best for me to get my thoughts down in a post.

So what brought me to write about this post? On Monday I was browsing on my phone (yes Facebook) and it came up in my news feed about a friend of mine liking some photo and commenting on it. So being the curious George I clicked in to see the photo (stalker mode I'm fully aware of this), and it was a photo relating to a competition. I'm all for competitions I won The Balm's "How 'bout them apples?" palette before on Facebook from Cloud 10. But in this photo that my friend that liked etc, had a photo of make up that had MAC branded all over it.

Fake make up on facebook
Screenshot of picture on Facebook page

I don't know what made me do it but I took a screen shot of it. The following evening I was looking at the photo I now had on my phone and went to find the page again and up to 2,000 people had commented on it "liked and shared" etc. Other people were saying "MAC is the only brand I'll ever use", "I love MAC", "Ohh I'd love to try out some MAC", "Oh my girlfriend loves MAC", etc.

This make up was clearly not genuine MAC Cosmetics make up. So I instagrammed the photo saying "I crap like this annoys me", thought I'd get a topic started up about it. There was up to 2,000 comments on the photo on Facebook and I read a lot of them and not one was saying anything about this being a fake make up. Maybe there were comments but I couldn't see them. So I decided to leave a comment on the picture advising people that this was fake MAC make up. I tried to be more educational for these people so they know what they are "getting themselves in for".

Comment on fake make up
My comment on the picture before it was deleted
and I was blocked from commenting further
What annoys me about these pages and fake make up in general is that people are putting their skin at risk by using these products - they don't know who tested these out, or what quality was involved in creating these products. Also they are putting the reputation of these companies at risk. Across the board there are make up brands that have some amazing products, of course there are going to be some that are not so popular - it's a given.

About ten minutes passed and my comment was deleted and I was blocked from posting any more comments. I know my ten second rant on their comments may not have been read by anyone apart from the page owner but they at least I know that they are aware of selling dishonest products. To date the competition has been taken down as it was over, but they had the photo's on it for selling. It's something that bugs me - if it's something that could be stopped, I would try my best to contribute to it being stopped.

What are your thoughts on fake make up?

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