08 August 2014

I'm torn | Cleansing Brushes

There's been a huge hype about cleansing brushes. I first got my manual brush from a friend (from the Body Shop) as part of a gift for Christmas many moons ago. First I didn't know much about it, but she raved on about how deadly it was. It was one of those things that I used "every so often" when I first got it but then I really got into using it as part of my routine.

Last year while my boyfriend was on a trip to the USA skiing he bought me the Olay Pro X cleansing system, which a few months later Olay brought it out over here in Ireland and the UK under the name of Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Cleansing System. It was quite simple what I thought about it - I loved it and I still do.

Recently while at an event for Lancome in Brown Thomas I got sucked into the Clarisonic salesgirl who was very convincing. When we spoke I mentioned the Olay Pro X (Super Cleansing System) which I had that I loved and the usual salesperson, "tut tut, this is soo much better" attitude I was given. She sampled on my hand the Clarisonic how much product to use and how the machine works etc. Maybe it was her skills as a salesperson but it got me thinking...I'm over exfoliating my skin using the Olay Pro X? (Super Cleansing System), and that maybe I should go for something that isn't has harsh and rubbing on my skin and could potentially cause premature aging?

From speaking to a friend who just as make up obsessed as me (I'd say even more so!) who loves her Clarisonic, she does fight a good case for it. When I spoke to the girl she asked me what the movement of the Olay system felt like on my skin, and the only thing I could think of for a good reference was "like an electric tooth brush" (obviously not as hard bristles, Olay's bristles are rather soft). Yes, imagine using your electric tooth brush on your skin. It was funny because I never really thought of it before. Yes it feels good now, but maybe it's time I start thinking long term. I'm in my late 20's (god I hate writing that!) so it's time to think of preparation for my long term skincare.

A few weeks ago I received an email from Boots.ie and it in I seen something which I've never seen before the Foreo Luna....Oh hello there and what do you do?

How to both work?

The Olay is a battery operated cleansing brush rotates in a clockwise direction, it has an on/off button and a different button for two speed settings. The Clarisonic is a rechargeable brush that has like a vibration movement or it oscillates as the website calls it. The Clarisonic has only one button and it the clarisonic turns itself off so you don't over exfoliate/cleanse the skin. It has more than 300 movements per second. With Olay you have to turn it off yourself. Both require replacement heads every 3 months or if needed sooner.

What is intriguing about the Clarisonic is that there's no risk of over using it as it turns itself off after 60 seconds. I find for me I don't time myself normally, I try to be quick and just go over the areas of my face, focusing on nose, around my mouth, forehead and quickly over my cheeks (and I really do mean quickly!)

From what I've read a little bit online is that the Foreo Luna vibrates on the skin and it has two sides of it, it has different Foreo's depending on your skin type as does the Clarisonic. Also it has a 60 seconds timer, which knocks itself off.


I've been looking on boots.ie for pricing the Olay and comparing the cost of it to the Clarisonic and there's a big difference.
The Clarisonic ranges from €150-€199. Yup, and that's without getting replacement heads. The Clarisonic replacement heads go for €26 in Brown Thomas. Yikes! It doesn't say on their website how many comes with the replacement heads I would like to think two.

So let's do a bit of math here...change heads every 3 months, so 4 replacement brush heads are needed a year. So say I got the Clarisonic at €150, (it's not clear on the Brown Thomas website if you get one or two in a pack of replacements heads) then 3 heads for the first year as you get one with it would add up to €202 for the year, and then €104 for every year after that. If I were to get the €200 Clarisonic the initial cost would be €252.

Olay costs €45 first off, then their replacement heads come in packs of two at €14. So the first year would cost roughly €73, then €28 every year after  that.

Unless I look into something like the Foreo Luna cleanser which ranges from €140 for the mini to the €200 and no replacement heads would be required, I'm quite torn about which one to pick, should I stay with my Olay cleanser which although feels good on the skin but long term maybe I won't see the benefits? Or seek out the Foreo Luna which is a once off purchase?

I'm currently saving up my Boots points for Christmas splurge, maybe if I can get up to near the €140 mark I might think about it. I've just over €40 worth of points and I know I won't get near to the €140, but maybe I can be good and not spend them, if I can't get it this Christmas on my points maybe Santa might be good to me? For the mean time more reading reviews on the Foreo Luna and vs Clarisonic for me (and you thought homework stopped after college?)

Please let me know if you use any of these products, I would love to hear what you think!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

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