07 June 2014

Tips | How to get soft hands

Tips on how to get soft hands

For me I've struggled with dry hands. My hands are normally covered in hangnails. Attractive huh? Hangnails are most noticeable obviously in the winter time. But I tend to get them all year round. It is one trait I get from my grandmother who suffers with dry hands herself. One thing Granny always liked was a good hand cream.

For me it's not just using a hand cream, it's about what else do I use on a daily basis. Many chemicals in daily house hold items can really dry out hands. Many liquid soaps can be really drying too, the cheaper the worse it is.

So here's a few tips on getting soft hands and keeping them soft. Unfortunately it's not a one trick that fixes it, but it's a consistent practice that will give great results.

Tip #1 - Moisturize

Simple yet we don't always do it enough. Try to apply lotion to your hands after every time you wash your hands. Carry a small tube or tin of it in your pocket or handbag. I love the Soap & Glory Hand FoodAveeno hand cream and this Nivea Nourishing hand cream.

Tip #2 - Use a Moisturizing Hand Wash

I find that some handwashes can be really drying on the skin. More and more people are really concerned about having clean hands and ones that kill 99% of bacteria. I recently got a handwash that kills 99% of bacteria and is quite moisturizing. This Dettol hand wash has camomile and E45 softness for moisturizing properties. E45 is the moisturizer for the choice for most people who suffer with eczema. With added moisture your hands won't feel as dried out.

Tip #3 - Exfoliating Gloves

What do you use to wash with when in the shower? I love using these exfoliating gloves, not only does my body get a good scrub but also my hands. Inside the glove it has just as much as an exfoliation as outside. It gently buffs away dry skin. Great for those who need to prep their skin for fake tan. You can pick them up in Boots, Super Drug, your local Super market or where I got mine, in TIGER. 

Tip #4 - Using a Scrub on your hands

I love using face scrubs and body scrubs. Nothing feels as refreshing as lightly exfoliated skin. Using my Olay Professional Exfoliating Cream Cleanser I sometimes add a little extra onto my hands and give them a little scrub. More recently I was gifted by one of the girls in work a Crabtree and Evelyn set which makes my hands ubber soft and the smell left is quite pleasant!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

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