28 June 2014

Tips | Fair Skinned Ladies

Coming from a country where we majority of us girls are fair skinned we can get it right - or quite wrong. We have to know what is the best for our skin tone from skin care to make up. Here's some inspirational make up looks below.

Skin Care

Most fair skinned girls are prone to having sensitive skin - so be careful what you use on your skin. I went through the phase of using SIMPLE skin care as it was designed for those with sensitive skin. It works great on my skin but being a beauty blogger I do love to try things out. My skin although quite fair is only very slightly sensitive compared to others.

Use an SPF

Coming into this mid to late twenties degree's we see everyone has their shorts on and arms are out. Because we are so pale some love to soak up the sun. But be wary - if you don't put on some SPF you are at very high risk of being burnt! (duh - i know ...but wait!)
You have to look at what number SPF you are using. How often are you topping it up? Is all the exposed skin covered? I find that because my skin is so fair I burn very easily. I need to look after my skin. I tend to go for high SPF for my face and body.


Don't settle for anything that doesn't match. There's nothing worse than using a foundation that doesn't match your skin tone. I'm always getting caught out buying foundations that are too dark for my skin tone. The likes of Revlon Colour Stay in Ivory is great for my pale skin tone. I have lots of redness in my skin tone and it's quite uneven and having freckles adds a little colour to my skin. If I wear a foundation that matches the tone of the skin on my cheek or nose say it can just look a little odd. As the wonderful Lisa Eldridge suggests, match to your neck. 

Don't be afraid of Colour

Okay, you're fair skinned? It doesn't mean you can't warm up your complexion with a bronzer. Using a light hand you can add some dimension to your face. Use a blush to add some life to your skin. I love a bright lip on fair skin tones. I love Gwen Stefani's staple make up look, she tends to go for wined liner, peachy toned blush and a pop of red on the lips. What red lips do you love to rock?

Proud to be Pale

I'm not a massive fake tan wearer. I never give myself enough time to do it...and to be honest I'm a bit rubbish at putting it on. I love to rock the more porcelain skin - even though it's nowhere near as beautiful as the likes of Emma Stone, Nicole Kidman, Nicola Roberts or even Gwen Stefani. Here's some of my favorite celebrities with beautiful fair skin with some great make up looks.

Fair Skinned girls
Images sources: Emma Stone - popsugar.com,Nicole Kidman - freehdwallpapers2u.blogspot.nl,Kelly Osbourne - flipbeans.com,
Gwen Stefani - popsugar.com,Anne Hathaway - lifestyle.ca.msn.com/beauty-fashion,Nicola Roberts - rihanna1.r

Fake Tan

As I've already said I'm rubbish at putting on fake tan. It's just one of those things I don't practice enough application. The only one I've has success with is Cocoa Brown, but due to me lack of commitment to tanning, it tends to be reserved for special occasions. If you are a little shy about your fair skin, you can always pop a little fake tan on, or pronto-bronzo as my mum calls it! You can rock any tone - as long as you are comfortable in your skin.

Fair skin is beautiful, just as beautiful as sun kissed skin, medium skin tone and darker skin tones... all are beautiful! The important thing is to be confident in your skin and know what you are beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

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