22 May 2014

Review: Urban Decay All Nighter

Urban Decay All nighter setting spray 2
Urban Decay All nighter setting spray 3
Urban Decay All nighter setting spray 1

Having dry skin can be a right aul pain in the arse. Especially when you don't set your make up, and want to touch up your make up as you feel it won't last the full night. I picked this bottle of All Nighter spray from Urban Decay up about two years ago. I only used to use this for more special occasions for long wear mainly for the likes of nights out and weddings. More recently I've been using this to set my daily make up instead of going over board on the powder, which is something I have been guilty of which can leave me looking and feeling cakey.

The way I like to use it, I like to spray it three times. Once on the left side of my face, once on the right and finally in the centre of my face in a down-ward motion. I find that you have to wait for your mascara and eyeliner to be fully dry as I've sprayed on some and there has been some smudging on my lower lash line.

Now the big question.....does it make my make up last all night? I find that it certainly lasts longer than without wearing it. It's a fine mist that disappears in to the skin that becomes untraceable. I spray this over my make up, even after powder, and I find that I never get a "cakey" make up look.

Now that I'm using this in my daily make up routine I ask myself....why didn't I use it before in my everyday make up?

What do you use for setting your make up?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

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