13 March 2014

Review: iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening

iWhite box
iWhite trays
before iWhite
iwhite applied to teeth
iwhite after
For years I've seen teeth whitening kits from America (especially the crest one) that seem to actually work. I've been a bit hesitant about going to get my teeth professionally whitened. It seems to be a bit out of my budget. Since I got my braces off over 2 years ago I've toyed with the idea of getting it done.... then talking myself out of it. Being a tea addict and loving the odd Indian curry, it hasn't done my teeth any favours regarding keeping them white when they are not naturally in the first place.

I picked up this iWhite kit in Boots about a week ago. What interested me is that the whitening gel that makes your teeth whiter is already in place in the trays. I once had a whitening kit where, I had to put the gel in myself and I kept putting either too much or too little, too much and it burnt my gums. Where as this has the perfect amount in that you need. You get 10 trays which are hygienically packed with the active gel already in place. You can use this everyday for up to 5 days or once every so often for an added brightness. The above photo's are the first time trying out the trays. On the box it says: "It delivers a highly soluble source of Calcium and therefore STRENGTHENS the teeth". Sounds good eh? I don't know about the instant result of this, but a longer term would give a better idea. Since the gel hits the front and back of the teeth it whitens both the front and back, which would help with the brightness, there's no point just doing the front if the back aren't as white, which makes sense right?

You first apply them on to cleaned teeth, leave them on for 20 minutes after which, you then dispose of the trays and remove any residue from your teeth and gums, I personally just brushed my teeth again. For the 20 minutes I had them on I decided to do my make up, or you could do some house work or catch up on some recorded tv shows. (The walking dead or greys anatomy anyone?) I set an alarm on my phone so I wouldn't go over the 20 minutes.

The result, I was very happy with. I didn't experience any sensitively and the trays sat quite comfortably in my mouth. For €38.49, in Boots I am very happy with the result. Definitely a shade or two lighter. One thing I wish there was included with the  kit, is a comparison chart to see where you started out at and where you ended up at. One thing I will say, when I read the box I was under the impression it was 10 sets of 2 trays. But it is a total of 10 trays, so if you want to whiten top and bottom teeth and the same time you only get 5 go's at it. Which works out as €7.69 per session. I've 4 trays in total remaining, so I'm going to keep these for a touch up or for some occasion. I think I'll be picking more up as I need them ;)

What at home whitening treatments have you tried out?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

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