01 January 2014

Review: Cleanse off Mitt


When I first heard of this I didn't think it would really work to be honest. The other night I tried my Cleanse off Mitt for the first time. The idea of not using cleanser to remove make up wasn't one I was eager to try out. Normally I cleanse my face with my cleanser of choice (currently using Shu Uemera cleansing oil) and then clean the rest away with cotton wool pads.

I tend to go through a lot of them. I have used muslin cloths in the past but when they get stained some make up just won't wash out! I've also used (and still use from time to time) face cloths but these stain too and some make up stains are still quite visible on them.

The mitt itself has a soft texture and it fits perfectly over my hand and is a baby blue colour. It has microfibres that shift the make up from your face. For me when using it, it felt like I was "buffing" the make up off.

The idea of this mitt is that you can remove a full face of make up with just water. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Well if it works, it will be great for travel!

Well how did I get on?

In the below photo's I had worn a full face of make up. The first photo show's half my face cleaned and the second photo my face with a full clean face.

What I love about the mitt is that you can right under the eyes. The material isn't too thick so you can easily remove make up without applying too much pressure. Personally what I love about cleansers is that they "break down" the make up so you don't have to rub too hard on the skin. This mitt removed the make up,  and I didn't feel I was too rough on my skin, also I didn't feel the need to cleanse my face again. If I was wearing heavier make up maybe I can cleanse again after the make up as been removed. The mitt cleans the heavy duty stuff off your face.

If you are one for cleansing wipes maybe think of an alternative? We all know wipes aren't good for your skin, so why don't you for the new year be a bit kinder to your skin? It will suit all skin types, as you are just using water and no chemicals. The best part is (for me), it's reusable! I don't be going through cotton pads as quickly anymore.

Oh and cleaning it? Right after use I used a bar soap from Lush (Sea Vegetable - link) and it came up clean - just like new.

Cleanse off Mitt are an Irish company, and are releasing the mitt in Janurary 2014.
For more information you can visit cleanseoffmitt.com and sign up  for more information.
Their twitter account - link
You can buy Cleanse off Mitt for €5 on Beauty Emporium -link

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Celeste x

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