15 January 2014

Products I regret NOT buying

I've seen many people compose "wish lists" on their blogs. But I've yet to find a "I wish I got" post. Therefore I thought I'd get the ball rolling. This is mainly in relation to limited edition products, as when they are gone they are gone. 

If you follow me on twitter you might have noticed me tweeting about a certain NARS product. It's gotten to the point where I'm searching for blog sales that contains it to buy it.

It is the NARS Guy Bourdin One Night Stand. The below photo's are from Adrienne's from The Sunday Girl blog post on the product review.


This palette is gorgeous. It contains six colours.

In the order left to right on the top row:

  • Devotee Highlighting Blush (exclusive to the kit). A beautiful oyster pink tone and Adrienne refers to Benefit's high beam in powder form.
  • Mistinguette Blush (exclusive to the kit) A matte blue toned baby pink. 
  • Orgasm Blush - link. Probably the most popular NARS blush ever. A shimmery coral undertone golden pink. Adrienne mentions that Orgasm as appeared in a number of NARS palettes before I presume because it's soo popular NARS decided to give the people what they want. However I can completely understand the annoyance of it appearing in yet another palette. Being a beauty blogger is hard when you have so many of the same things I'm sure!

In the order left to right on the bottom row:
  • Laguna Bronzer - link Yup, a cult favourite. I've read many mixed reviews on this bronzer. This matte medium brown is many bloggers/youtubers favourites for contouring and warming up your face.
  • Deep Throat Blush - link Again another favourite of many beauty bloggers. It is a peach-pink with slight  shimmer to it. Looks gorgeous in the swatch.
  • Goulue Blush (exclusive to the kit) This is the deepest of the palette with it being a beautiful berry blush with a red undertone to it - and probably one that I wouldn't really be drawn to use. But I would definitely try out. Who know's it could be quite nice on a fair skinned Irish girl?
I've looked up on ebay and the prices range (not including postage) €65.72 - €114.23. A bit shocking eh?

Next time NARS bring out something this amazing I'm heading to Brown Thomas straight away (on the release day) and picking it up.

For more pictures and swatches of this palette visit Adrienne's blog The Sunday Girl - link.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
*Photo's taken from The Sunday Girl - link
with permission from Adrienne
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