13 November 2013

Blog of note: A Little Bird

A little bird blog
Post: The Greenery at House Dublin

A Little Bird

When I read posts from this blog it makes me want to go out and see my own city - Dublin. Rincy shows the beauty of Dublin. She puts me to shame - she goes out and explores the city and  tells us all about it. Beautiful photography and helpful links about where she's been are why I keep coming back - I need to know more about Dublin. I suppose ignorance is bliss, but it's time to wake up and check out beautiful Dublin.

Dublin isn't the only feature in her blog - she blogs about some of her travels. Budapest - link & London - link. She captures moments in these places that will live in her memory forever and will leave is all jealous that we weren't there to experience it with her.

So go on, stop by - A Little Bird

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

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