08 October 2013

Fake Make Up: The Naked Truth

real or fake urban decay naked 2

Last week a friend mentioned  news of a mutual friend's purchase of Urban Decay Naked 2 for under €30. We suspected it might be fake and on a night shift we asked her to bring her new palette along. The below photo's are comparing her palette to my palette. It wasn't so obvious when we first seen the palette.

The real palette the font is slightly smaller and positioned (ever to slightly) different. In the above photo the real one is on top and the fake one is the one on the bottom. They are very close in comparison. If you didn't have the real one to compare you would find it very hard to notice the difference from just looking at the front of it. The tone of the cases is also slightly different.

urban decay naked 2 fake vs real
Above - back of real UD Naked 2
Below - back of fake UD Naked 2

When you look at the back of the palettes you can see the font is slightly different, it's more bold on the fake palette.
There's only one swatch comparing two eyeshadow's. If you wish to see the genuine Naked 2 swatches see my Naked 2 post - link
Below here's comparing the shadows in the palette from just looking at them. Some are quite clearly the same where others are not...
Above - Real Urban Decay Naked 2
Below - Fake Urban Decay Naked 2
The ones that really stand out are half baked, as it has a far more yellow toned look in the pan and chopper looks more muted in the pan.
fake naked 2 vs real naked 2
Above - Real Urban Decay Naked 2
Below - Fake Urban Decay Naked 2
Snakebite and Suspect in the fake palette might as well be the same colour. Snakebite looks nothing like it should.
naked 2 fake vs real
Above - Real Urban Decay Naked 2
Below - Fake Urban Decay Naked 2
YDK is slightly cooler and busted has a more of a purple tone through it. Black out doesn't look as dark as it should be.
verve swatches
Left - Fake Verve Swatch Urban Decay Naked 2 / Right - Real Verve Swatch Urban Decay Naked 2
Just from the quick swatch you can see how soft the real Urban Decay shows are. Both of these are meant to be the same shadow when you can see the quality is not the same.

The packaging is also heavier on the real thing. The fake palette is lighter and has the same clasp closing.

naked brush
The fake eyeshadow brush is a slightly more yellow toned, but has the detail on it
If you are going to buy makeup, make sure it is from the companies website or from a shop that has an Urban Decay counter. If possible ask for close up photo's. My friend was told from someone else that they weren't sure they were real but heard they might be display models. Why would Urban Decay have display model that wouldn't show the quality of the product?

Guy's don't waste your money on products that are false. I believe that someone is selling these fake Urban Decay palette's on Facebook (I don't know what page or that, but be aware guys!) They look the same at first, but to non-make up geeks they can easily buy into this and not realize what they are buying. Also Urban Decay is cruelty free - I wouldn't think this fake one is!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

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