20 September 2013

Review: Fuschia Try Me Kit

fuschia try me kit in bare

In the past I've tried L'oreal's mineral powder make up -link . For me, I felt it was slightly cakey. Maybe it was the amount I put on but I've not worn mineral make up since at least 2006. So yes, it's been a while.

I first heard of Fuschia make up through a friend of a friend and because I was never in Drogheda I never got to pop into the shop to purchase some goodies to try out. When they came to Swords which is much easier for me to get to it was an easy option to just "pop in". So before a lunch date with some friends I popped in with a friend who was a make up addict too, "just for a browse".

15 Minutes later I was having the finishing touches added to my face trailing out their mineral foundation in the shade Bare. I liked the look of this foundation and decided to take the plunge and picked up the "try me kit" for €45. With it I purchased the primer for €20.

I will admit I left it to the side and kind of forgot to use it at first but now I've given it a few goes and I can tell you how I  got on with it.

In the "try me kit", you get your powder foundation (3g), Rice setting powder  (3g) a mini blush (1.5g I think), which is roughly a 4 week supply and kabuki brush for application.

The first time I tried this on I was getting ready for work and I had to remove the protective seal and accidently dropped some of the powder on to my work trousers. Thankfully it brushed off quite easily. So being careful, I sprayed some of the primer on to my face, and rubbed it in with my hands. It had a nice texture and easily smoothes over the skin, forming a nice barrier from your skin and make up.

fuschia mineral make up

The foundation doesn't feel heavy on the skin and you can build up the layers where you need it. When I first tried this out I didn't wear any concealer. My skin tone looked even and my skin looked like it was glowing. The blush that I got shade "Glow" is a soft mauve rose colour that is strongly pigmented. I loved the colour but I prefered to use this shade as a delicate contour rather than a blush. So a little goes a long way! I like to use this with my Real Techniques duo fiber contour brush.

The setting powder didn't change the appearance of the powder foundation and I didn't think it looked matte. I was concerned about it drying out my already dry skin so that was my number one thing to look out for. I had a dry patch on my nose and on it's own I felt it made it look slightly more dry, so a light exfoliant of the area, with a layer of concealer blended out and a light buffing of the foundation it didn't look as dry.

fuschia mineral make uo swatches
Swatches: blush "Glow", Mineral foundation "Bare"& Rice Powder
My test is a 12hour shift in work. Night shift is the biggest challenge as I'm totally wrecked looking by the end of it.
I really liked the look of this on my face. It looked glowy and didn't dry out my skin at all. I felt it began to slightly wear away and the glowy effect begin to look slightly shiny. I touched up with some mattifying powder to take away the shine. After a while the one blemish I did have was slightly more pronounced but I think that was just the start of one.
The brush? It's a small brush that would be perfect for touching up as it would fit in nearly any handbag. I would prefer a slightly denser brush. I noticed that some hairs from the brush were left on my face and since they were light coloured they wouldn't be that noticeable.
You can buy another bigger brush from Fuschia, but I have another brush that I think may suit it better.
I got their lightest shade but I think it's just a smidge too dark for me - after all I am quite pale, but I'm one of those girls that doesn't mind too much. But I think I can pull it off!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

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