17 September 2013

Pembroke Hotel Kilkenny

Back in June I bought a groupon deal for a stay in the Pembroke Hotel in Kilkenny, which included a voucher for €40 towards a meal all for €89 with breakfast and a late check-out. Bargain! Terms and conditions? Had to be used midweek, valid till the end of September and it couldn't be used in July or August (poo!), so last week we popped on down.

The car park was very busy, so we had to pop on over to the over-flow car park, which when driving did seem quite a distance away, but when we eventually parked (we noticed there was a lot of double parking) and left the car park we discovered we weren't that far away at all. There was a one way system in place therefore we had to go the long way around to the car park. A quick check-in and we were in our room.

The room was a great size. Very spacious and clean. The bathroom had a huge mirror (well most hotel rooms do don't they?). And the shower was great, nice  hot and powerful! The counter top where the sink was nice and big for my 100 products I brought with me. The bed was dead comfy.

pembroke hotel kilkenny room

pembroke hotel kilkenny room overview

pembroke hotel kilkenny room 2

pembroke hotel kilkenny room view

We didn't have a great room view unfortunately, would have loved to seen the Castle! Through that arch way was the rather small car park which can only fit one car in. It's rather tight for space.

pembroke hotel kilkenny shower

pembroke hotel kilkenny bathroom

pembroke hotel bar
After a few sips I was relaxing already!
When we brought our bags to the room and a quick freshen up we headed down to the bar to relax with a nice cool drink. The bar was quite empty (it was after all 4pm on a Wednesday!), so we got served by very friendly staff. Also with decent bar prices!

After 2 drinks we headed into Kilkenny town which is a 3 minute walk from the hotel. The main shopping area "high street" was pretty small and had a few nice shops. We took a little wander around. Found the Smithicks Brewery but tours started at 12 and 3pm. (Not quite the Guinness Store House!)

We kicked about Kilkenny town and then headed back to the restaurant which was located right beside the hotel - The Royal Spice - link. I suppose it was because it was midweek  but the place was really quiet. But the food was delicious, I had a Sheek Kebab to start and a Lamb Tikka Masala. (Not the healthiest of options, and I could have chosen better, but it was very yum!!)

The night I slept I had just come off three 12 hour night shifts and my sleeping pattern was a bit all over the place. The bed was super comfy, but I just couldn't get a full nights sleep! Kept waking up, too hot, pull duvet off, too cold etc. (A bit of a viscous circle). I could have changed the air conditioning settings but it was rather late and himself was asleep and I didn't really want to be messing around and turning the place into a sauna so I could sleep with the covers off.

I eventually got properly sleepy around 5am and drifted off. Thank god we had the late check out, we missed breakfast (due to me being coma-toasted) and we checked out around 1, got breakfast and then headed back to Dublin!

I think I'd like to stay here again but get to see more of Kilkenny and I would have loved to have seen Kilkenny Castle.

Next time!

kilkenny castle
Kilkenny Castle

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

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