26 August 2013

Review: Vichy Dermablend Corrective Cream Stick

I've heard so much about this product. It has so much hype online especially on youtube from the amazing guru's which I follow. It was something although I know I don't need as my skin doesn't need that kind of coverage (full). But when presented with the opportunity in McCabes Pharmacy to swatch it ....well I felt weak at the knees and suddenly my purse was - €22 lighter. (Like magic?!)

Derma Blend Stick Corrector Porcelain 11

Because of the lighting in the shop I wasn't sure which shade to go for so I opted for the lighter one which happens to be the lightest shade, number 11 porcelain. In the shop number 11 seemsed to have a slightly pinky undertone compared to number 12 which I didn't mind. When I checked it out in normal day light it looked more yellow toned.
vichy derma blend stick
My first time to try this was going into my 12hour night shift at work. I will admit my biggest fail I tend to make is a foundation a tad too dark as I've a fear of one too light (even though I'm pale as pale can be!), so me picking the absolute lightest shade made me slightly nervous.
vichy derma blend stick swatch porcelain 11

The application: The way I tried it out and I feel this suits me just fine is dotting it on the areas I need the most coverage and then with whatever foundation brush I'm using at the moment blending it out. If I need more coverage I dot some more on and blend out the edges so it blends easily. The shade I got is an excellent match for me as when I was blending my foundation down the neck it seemed to disappear.

I have quite rosey cheeks and a red nose along with freckles, so sometimes (okay a lot of the time) I tend to match to the tone of my cheeks and freckles rather than my neck, like so:

B - Artist: Let's choose the right foundation!
So what is the product like? Well I didn't want to reply on the stick as a concealer under the eyes so I choose my lasting perfection concealer under the eyes as although the stick doesn't feel heavy on the skin a much lighter concealer that has high coverage was my preferance.

Coverage? Very high. The great thing about this is you can sheer it out with your foundation brush and blend it out easily. You apply as much as what's needed where ever you need it. When using this foundation stick I did use a primer by Smashbox everytime and used my MAC MSF in light so I can't comment on how long it lasted with out the primer or the MSF but for  a 12 hour shift it lasted while using all these together.

vichy on face

Because I used a foundation that was quite a high coverage but was actually matching my skin tone I felt it really washed me out. Blusher and bronzer is a must as I just looked ill without it! Some people are afraid of blush and bronzer, with this foundation stick it's a must!

I'm really liking this foundation stick and for those problematic days I will be relying on this to get me through the day! The price being €22 I don't mind having paid that price as I find it very reasonable for what you get. I believe the liquid foundation was roughly around the same price. Some people prefer to use the stick foundation as a concealer which I can understand why as it's quite high coverage. Now I just got to start looking at what foundations I already own and see what would best suit it colour and tone!

Have you seen the videos on youtube about the Dermablend foundations and covering up? No?

Here ya go:

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Celeste x

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