20 August 2013

Review: John Frieda Luxurious Volume Fine to Full Blow Out Spray

Okay first a little background story on my gruaig (hair to you non irish folk!)

I'm not great at blow drying my hair. To be honest it's one of the hair routines that just bores the hell out of me. It doesn't help I find my hair looks like less "umph" if I don't use my Babyliss Big Hair. A friend of mine has gone through 3 babyliss big hairs in the past, so I tend to keep mine  for special occasions (I know how silly to think this). I tend to get the most volume when I leave to dry aul naturale.

Post: 7 tips for growing your hair
When I was younger I used to have such thick hair - in fact really thick! But I've noticed in the last few years it has thinned out a lot. I thought it was when I was in the hair dressers and kept getting my hair thinned out, so I asked the stylist to stop this and I started growing out my layers. Although this did help it wasn't a good look for me...

Also I felt being blonde probably wasn't the kindest thing to do to my locks so I've gone darker to help it not being so dry!
blonde to brown madames made up
Since being darker I've really noticed how lack of volume my hair has when I try to have a smooth/ straight look. It is only when I leave my hair dry it's self does it look like I've some volume, but yet it still looks thin (to me anyway)

big hair in nice aul naturale
Chilling in Nice
So back to the point of this post!

Enter: John Frieda Luxurious Volume, Fine to Full Blow Out Spray*

John Frieda Fine to Full Blow Out Spray

The first time I used this product was in my boyfriends family home in Scotland. Such a vain thing to say but I kept going on about my hair. Ross promptly asked was it really the hair product or was it the water in the area (as it's a very soft watered area, in fact they bottle the water not too far from where his family home is)

So my  real test was back home in Dublin - might as well use this as the real test!

So back in Dublin and when I tried it for the first time in our hard water areas.

The way I used this was on towel dried hair. I sectioned my hair off and sprayed the roots and brushed  the product down the lengths of my hair. I grabbed my hair drier (it's about 6 years old), and roughly blow dried my hair. I found my hair dries quicker wit this product in and it doesn't feel like I've product in my hair. This is one product I know I will love and will keep using. I loved this product so much I've given one of the little bottles I got to my cousin and she loves it too! I had to spread the love for this!

I did use a small amount of Redken's Anti Snap in my hair for the  below photo but without Anti Snap I still get an amazing result. It may not be hair dresser blow dry but look at my volume! (oh my!)

john freida luxurious volume blow out spray result

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

*PR Sample
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