15 August 2013

Review: Collection Colour PRO Lip Lacquer 04 Prom Queen

When I first seen this, I will admit I got a little excited! "INTENSE" really stuck out to me. I was in Tesco with my boyfriend in Scotland and for a pound or two I picked up the shade "04 Prom Queen".

Collection Colour PRO 04 Prom Queen

It's not a normal shade I tend to pick as it's quite a coral tone to it. I normally pick more pinky tones. Here's a swatch:

collection colour pro lip lacquer 04 prom queen swatch

This is a very stickly lacquer, which is very opaque. It has a very destintive smell which is just not nice. It reminds  me of Urban Decays Pocket Rockets here's my rant about the scent - link, but it's not as bad as the urban decay one! I'm not a fan of gulpy glosses, they kinda scare me as I feel like my lips are peeling apart from each other when I'm talking, eating or drinking.

collection colour pro lip lacquer 04 prom queen on lips

One thing I don't like about the look on my lips is that I feel it looks like it settles into the subtle lips on my lips and if you make a duck face (come on who's not guilty of it?) it shows up even more so! 
However I actually like the colour on my lips as it's something different and it is a great everyday shade.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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