20 July 2013

Review: Neal's Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate

 Neals Yard Remedies Night Cream Beauty Sleep

Neal's Yard Remedies is something that I didn't hear a whole lot about. Maybe it was something I've seen in shops but I was never tempted to try this out. I got this a few months ago and I've been using it regulary as part of my night time routine - link ( instead of my Botanics Night Cream!).

This is a much lighter cream to use on my face, 3 pumps and it speads easily and sinks in quickly into my skin. Apart from the lovely texture of this on my face the other thing I noticed was to quite strong aroma from it. It has a beautiful aroma of herbal ingredients that I find quite relaxing. It might be a silly placebo effect but I find I do drift off to the land of nod a bit quicker.

NYR night cream beauty sleep concentrate

It has a blend of essential oils which help create this beautiful aroma Clary Sage, Cypress, Orange Oil, Patchouli,Ylang Ylang combined with Grapeseed Oil & Cocoa seed butter, which help you look like you've been well rested. I'm a divil for not getting enough sleep especially for very early starts, I find it helps my skin look a bit more awake and alive.

I'm in my mid twenties now and a good night cream is becoming more and more important to me. Helping reduce the appearance of fine lines amd wrinkles I can't really judge just yet, (thankfully!) but I will use what I need to use to prevent rather than cure.

For the moment, I'm quite happy to sticking to this cream for my night time routine, however I've only seen this in a few pharmacies and in Clery's (apparently, but I feel like it's been ages since I've been there) so hopefully it will start being more well known in more pharmacies. Here's a stocklist for the Republic of Ireland - link
North County Dubbers anyone?

RRP €41.20
*PR Sample

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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