05 June 2013

Review: Lush UltraBland Cleanser

Since I fell in love with their moisturiser "Celestial" - link, I was eager to try out more of lushes skin care products. What better than to try out a new cleanser. I got myself a small little pot (45g) to try out. The above image is from lushes website but the product is a pale yellow in the tub.

I've really gotten into using cleansers that you wash off with a warm cloth. This formula is quite oily and has a very strong beeswax scent to it. My first attempt at using this was to remove make up. For me, I hated the texture. It felt more greasey than oily, the smell did put me off. But the biggest shame was that it didn't remove eye make up that well. To use this in my night time routine I first must remove my eye make up with my bio derma, and continue on to this step. My preferance is to use this product in the morning, using only a very small amount. When using at night time I have to use it twice to make sure I'm really clean faced.

After my skin does feel clean, but I think I prefer a hot cloth cleanser like from the scanturary or soap and glory which is a bit more creamy based or something like Johnson's cream wash - link for night time routine, as the oily texture is slightly off putting. But the product does work at cleaning your face.

This is one of Lushes top products, although I may not like the texture of this product, it might work for someone else.

Remember keep your empty lush pots, as 5 empty pots = 1 free face mask!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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