04 June 2013

Discontinued: Benefit 10

Benefit is giving 10 the chop!

benefit 10 discontinued

How dishearting is it when brands start discontinuing  products? I read on benefit's irish twitter that they are discontinuing 10.

benefit irish twitter 10 discontinued
Am I the only person who slow down using a product once I hear of it being discontinued and especially if I've hit pan, I want to preserve it and not use it as much. The boxed powders from benefit are fantastic. I don't know anyone that isn't a fan of them. So if you love this product, and don't want it to go away just yet...pop along to a benefit counter and stock up or buy a spare one!

Sure what does this mean?? Well they could just be bringing out an even more amazing product in the future! EEkkk!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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