29 May 2013

Review: Lush Celestial Facial Moisturiser


For the past 5 months I've been using this product and I now feel confident enough to tell you all what I think of it.

I first received this as part of my Christmas present from a very good friend of mine who loves Lush products. I've never tried any of their skin care before so I was very curious when I opened my first tub at the start of this year.

LUSH Celestial Facial Moisturiser
It comes in Lushs famous little black tubs (bring 5 back for a free face mask!). It is aimed for those with sensitive skin. It has a balm-like texture and a little goes a long way! It's made with almonds, but doesn't have an over powering almond fragrance which I'm rather happy about, infact it's a delicate slightly vanilla scent to it, that is barely noticeable. The fragrances are from the natural ingredients and are not added just to make it nice and smelly. 5 months in and I still love it.

How is it under make up? I've no problem with it! The cream smoothes on and absorbs easily into my normally dry skin. I have been pairing it with my soap and glory serum - link but I've been out of it for 2 weeks and I haven't replaced it yet. I'm going to buy another one... I was thinking of trying out something new but I'd rather stick to something that my face seems to be liking :)

Since using this I've branched out into trying more Lush products (keep an eye out!) and I'm now on my second pot of moisturiser with a third from a birthday present sitting in the drawer.

What moisturiser are you using right now? Have you tried Lush skin care before? What should I keep an eye out for?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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