05 April 2013

Review: Essence Make Up Sponge

I'm more of a foundation brush kinda girl. I love my real techniques buffering brush and my sigma F 80, sure they featured in my best of 2012 post - link. I've used some make up sponges many years ago and I never took to them. The infamous beauty blender has been noted all over the beauty blogging industry as being an amazing product. I've tried Models Own make up sponges and I didn't think they were great. They were egg shaped like the beauty blender but didn't get any bigger when under made wet.

When I was going by the Essence counter, apart from picking up my nail kit as seen in my Paddy's Day post - link I picked up a make up sponge for a couple of euro to test out with little hopes of it being any use. But I didn't mind, it was in the name of blogging.

Judging from the image below you will see it compared to a dry sponge and a wet sponge. My first impression of this little sponge was it was very soft, bouncy and felt quite small in the palm of  my hand. First test, will it increase in size when wet? Oh boy did it!

essence make up sponge

It was huge! I squeezed and squeezed the excess water out and it was still really big.

Anyway on to application. The foundation I first used it with was Rimmel Match Perfection in the shade 100 Ivory. Although it did take some time for application as I am not used to applying make up with sponges, I was quite happy with the look of the foundation. I didn't have any outstanding blemishes but the coverage compared to my application with a buffering brush and the F 80 was on par. But the only thing is, my sponge has now been stained from the foundation I used. I don't think it's the sponges fault but it's a little bothersome.

I used it for blending out my cream blush, bronzer and highlight and it faded out any harsh lines quite easily creating a more "airbrushed" effect.

The sponge itself like I said was soft but since I've used it a few times I've noticed that the sponge has begun to slightly rip on some areas. Given it cost only a few euro I wasn't expecting much, but thanks to this product it has gotten me interested in make up sponges.

Maybe the  beauty blender might be something even more amazing?

Are you a fan of make up sponges?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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