18 March 2013

Review: Essence Kiss Care Love Lip Balm

Who doesn't love Essence? I was in a local pharamacy and picked up a lip balm of theirs for as little as €1.69 in the shade "01 Fruit Crush".

baby lips dupe

Just looking at the above pictures you can tell what the pigmentation is like...well it's pretty much non exsistent. It's very sheer. Once you build it up a little you can see a slight pinky pearly sheen on your lips. It reminds me slightly like that labello pink pearl shine balm - link but more sheer. It applies smoothly. The product on the lips is soft and for me slightly waxy. Fruit Crush has a very sweet bubble gum scent to it. These Kiss Care Lip balms from Essence come in 4 colours - link

So do my lips feel softer? Well I don't think it's made an impact on my lips regarding the texture and care of them. There's no SPF in the product, so I think the main purpose of the product is for everyday use for those who don't wish for a lot of product on their lips. If you had really dry lips I doubt this will solve the problem. A really nice lip balm though.

I haven't tried the Maybelline Baby Lips but it seems like that this could be a good dupe for them, of course  I'm just judging from Nouvea Cheap's Blog post - link

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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