15 March 2013

Review: Bourjois Foundation - Flower Perfection

A while ago (as in bloody agggggesss ago) I was in the middle of loving my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation - link and I wasn't allowing myself open up yet another foundation until I finished one. (I've far too many on the go!)

So Healthy Mix was finished, time to crack open this new one, flower perfection! The first thing that really stands out for me is the packaging. It's in a glass container (30mls) with a white pump. It comes with a small sponge in the lid. If my memory serves me right I didn't bother reading the packaging and just thought to be myself "sure feck it I'll try it out".

bourjois flower perfection

Looking at the packaging when going to try it first it mentions that it is a full coverage foundation and has a matte finish. Yup, not demi matte...but matte. If you are a regular reader of my blog I'm sure you've heard me go on and on about my dry skin. This is the moment when I say to myself "Celeste, you big gonk". (Yes I just said "gonk"). Also it claims to have a 16 hour wear.

So on to trying out the product. It pumps out quite easily, smoothes over the skin. The one thing with this foundation is due to it being a matte finish, is that it sets quickly. There's no need to powder over this foundation I found.The coverage? Yup, definitely full. It completely blanked out my freckles the first time I used it. Using bronzer and  blush I had to make sure my face looked a bit more alive as I did pick the palest shade avaliable.

Shortly after using this product (within the first hour) I noticed that it started creasing whenever I smiled. And of course I found it quite drying on my skin and I found it uncomfortable on my skin and to be honest I did my usual test of a 12 hour shift to try out the 16 hour wear and  although the majority of it did last, when I got home I couldn't wait to take it off. Clearly better suited to oily skin types. It reminded me off Bourjois "Bio Detox" foundation. I never reviewed it here but I did try it in the past. It reminded me of the texture of the foundation and how it felt on my skin. The Bio Detox however had a rank smell. Beaut.ie did a quick look at the foundation / concealer combo back in 2010 - link

On the upside the foundation has SPF 15. So overall, for my dry skin this does not suit.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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