14 March 2013

Reading a post by Bright Town Girl: Goodbye Google Reader.

So it was announced yesterday that Google are getting rid of google reader from the 1st July.
If you want to read the article its here. Tho..."

I've mangaged to connect with 105 readers through the use of my Google Friend Connect. For me, this is the one thing I mainly use for following and catching up with blogs I follow. It's number 1 for me. But today I am devastated to hear that Google are now getting rid of Google Reader from July 1st 2013.
It wasn't until I read Bright Town Girl's post - link on it I didn't cop on to the fact that it could affect GFC! There is now Google +  to follow blogs (which is over to the left hand column) You can add me into your circle!

So I just wanted to remind you all about

the ways you can follow  Madames Made Up.

I've a Facebook page that I post links to my blog - link

I'm on Twitter @MadamesMadeUp - link

You can follow through BlogLovin' - link

I'm also on HelloCotton - link

The rest of my contact and ways to follow are on the left handside of my blog and at the bottom of each post.

Read about A Girl and a Beauty Blog's guide on how to

import your RSS to BlogLovin' - link

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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