06 March 2013

March 11th

Against animal testing
Since 1996 The Body Shop - link has been campaigning against animal testing. From March 11th 2013 we all can rejoice! The EU are banning testing on animals. The Body Shop and other companies like Lush are infamous for their campaigning and often have it written on their packaging that they are animal friendly.

To be honest if I look into my make up bag I couldn't tell you which was animal testing free and who wasn't. From March 11th any cosmetics you buy you now can reasurred that anything within the EU is cruelty free.

So doing some research online I've come across on PETA (people for the ethincal treatment of animals) a page for a list of companies who are cruelty free - link

To be honest I couldn't find MAC on the list (but it is there!) along with a lot of well loved products that I own. At present I didn't see inglot on the list...which I'm a little disappointed with. (The list was last updated 06/03/2013!)

I'm sure you've all read about Jacequeline Triade a performance artist who let herself be tortured in public for 10 hours. If you haven't click the link for it.
Warning there are some disturbing photo's - link This really gave me the shock factor. 

BUAV Bunny Cruelty Free international
Unfortunately this ban is only for countries within the EU. This will not affect countries outside the EU.

Someday, hopefully this shall be a worldwide ban. Until then we can rest assured from March 11th 2013 in Ireland, cosmetics here, are cruelty free.

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Celeste x
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