08 March 2013

International Womens Day March 8th 2013

international womens day 2013
www.google.com (8th March 2013)

I'm sure if you use google as your search engine you will have noticed the art work celebrating International Womens Day (March 8th). It's quite simple it's a day that's celebrating women! Well we are quite amazing aren't we?

There's some events happening today. So if you are about, go check them out! Visit Dublin City's website for a list of events - link

I just wanted to wish you all a happy women's day. Last year when I went into L'Occitane on Liffey Street in Dublin I got a lovely soap celebrating International Women's day. According to their website they are selling it again this year - link

I won't be in Dublin city today but I thought I'd share some of the goss with ya ;)

There's a twitter page for International Women's Day if you want to check out - link

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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