17 March 2013

Happy St.Patricks Day

My attempt at nail art #StPatricksDay

Hello to my fellow readers, Happy St.Patricks Day!!
I mentioned in my post about nail art inspiration - link I said I wasn't good at the aul nail art. So I picked some tools up in Penneys a few days ago and my first attempt of "proper nail art" was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. The above is the nail art I'm currently wearing for St. Patricks day....want to know what the tools were that I used to achieve this look? It's funny in the above picture it looks more blue, but I promise it's green!
essence nail art tools
These are great and very easy to use. (Although it is handy to have a bottle of nail polish remover for any minor mistakes). They cost less than €2 each. The Duo Stylist is really handy with a slightly smaller ball and one end and a bigger at the opposing end. The "designer set" contains 3 small sponges that can give a lovely gradiant effect (see my baby finger in the top picture) and a little handle with a very skinny brush head on the top to help create long slim lines (see ring finger).
green polishes
 Topshop Nail Polish "Eclipse" &LA Colors Color Craze "Atomic"
st Patricks day nail polish
I placed a base coat on my nails. Especially ones that strengthen them! I use this one from 17. I didn't apply a top coat on any of the nails apart from my baby nail as I wanted a matte finish on the sponge tip effect.

How are you doing your nails for St. Patricks Day?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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