25 March 2013

Beauty Stash: Benefit Watt's Up!

Who doesn't love a glow? Well I'm sure anyone with skin on the slightly oilier side sometimes avoids this kind of look.

I've been recently "getting in to" using highlighter softly on my cheek bones. One I've been loving lately is my benefit "Watt's Up!" I purchased this in Dublin Airport in Janurary of last year - link . I did really like it, gave it a couple of uses then placed it back in the drawer for ages! I've taken it out of hibernation and started reusing it. When I was first using it I started by applying from the stick to my face. It is quite a thick product so a little goes a long way.

benefit watts up highlighter

My preference to use this product is applying this product to the back of my hand and then using my fingertips patting it on to my cheek bones. Pretty much anywhere I wish to highlight. One of my second favourite place to highlight with this product is my "cupids bow" just above my lips. I don't have the biggest lips in the world. (It's actually the only cosmetic thing I wouldn't mind enhancing). I love the champagne shade and the highlight is only slight but enough.. After all a discoball look isn't one I'm too fond of.

I prefer to use a powder highlight for my browbone and my tearduct as I've oily eye lids. I'm really loving using highlighter and it really suits my dry skin. As you can see I am quite pale and it blends in beautifully without looking harsh.

Have you tried "Watts Up"? What are your favourite highlighters?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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