30 March 2013

Review: Soap & Glory, Make Yourself Youthful Eye Cream

Since I loved Soap and Glory's serum "Make Yourself Youthful" - link I decided to venture out and try out their eye cream.

soap and glory, make yourself youthful eye cream

I don't have terrible bags under my eyes or dark circles, but at the age of 25 the beauty industry advise us ladies to start looking after and "prevent ageing". I've had eye creams in the past, but never really got into using them as part of a routine. So like I mentioned I picked this up, in Boots for around the €15 mark (I think, I've misplaced the reciept). Since then I've been loving it. It's a really nice cream and has a slightly soothing feel to it under my eyes. I use such a small amount (about half a pea size on each eye), dot it under neath and any residue on my fingers I lightly apply on my brow bone.

I don't know if it's made a dramatic change in a space of 3 weeks, but I love applying this morning and night as part of my skin care routine and I avoid using my face moisturiser near my eyes. I feel I look more awake with this cream. Of course since using this I haven't been ID'ed (unlike when I first used my face serum - link) My skin around my eyes hasn't been noticeably dry before, but I feel like it's really smooth since I started using this.

The skin around your eyes is very delicate, therefore it is advised to use a separate cream around that area as the skin there is very thin!

Of course Soap and Glory does have other eye creams, but I think I'm quite happy with this one for the moment. I've been using it for 3 weeks and there's still loads left!!

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Celeste x

25 March 2013

Beauty Stash: Benefit Watt's Up!

Who doesn't love a glow? Well I'm sure anyone with skin on the slightly oilier side sometimes avoids this kind of look.

I've been recently "getting in to" using highlighter softly on my cheek bones. One I've been loving lately is my benefit "Watt's Up!" I purchased this in Dublin Airport in Janurary of last year - link . I did really like it, gave it a couple of uses then placed it back in the drawer for ages! I've taken it out of hibernation and started reusing it. When I was first using it I started by applying from the stick to my face. It is quite a thick product so a little goes a long way.

benefit watts up highlighter

My preference to use this product is applying this product to the back of my hand and then using my fingertips patting it on to my cheek bones. Pretty much anywhere I wish to highlight. One of my second favourite place to highlight with this product is my "cupids bow" just above my lips. I don't have the biggest lips in the world. (It's actually the only cosmetic thing I wouldn't mind enhancing). I love the champagne shade and the highlight is only slight but enough.. After all a discoball look isn't one I'm too fond of.

I prefer to use a powder highlight for my browbone and my tearduct as I've oily eye lids. I'm really loving using highlighter and it really suits my dry skin. As you can see I am quite pale and it blends in beautifully without looking harsh.

Have you tried "Watts Up"? What are your favourite highlighters?

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21 March 2013

New Blog - #ThinThursday

 Hi guys :)

I would just like to let you know I've started up a new blog....It's called ThinThursday. You might have noticed I've had the above image on the side bar. This was to remind me to be good, eat healthy etc. I recently joined back weight watchers and I don't want to add it to this blog as I want to keep this as purely a make up based blog. But I thought I would let you know that I've started it up and I would like to invite you all to have a look at it. Yes, I am well aware I am being very public (and some would say brave about it) but I've fallen on my journey, it's time for me to brush myself off and get back some motivation!

The following pictures are for those with blogger accounts and how to follow the blog as I couldn't add GFC! On your blogger home page about half way down on the left you will see this below:

Click "add" and the following window will appear:

Input the link www.thinthursday.blogspot.com and click "follow"......simples :)

Of course I also have it on bloglovin'
Follow on Bloglovin
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18 March 2013

Review: Essence Kiss Care Love Lip Balm

Who doesn't love Essence? I was in a local pharamacy and picked up a lip balm of theirs for as little as €1.69 in the shade "01 Fruit Crush".

baby lips dupe

Just looking at the above pictures you can tell what the pigmentation is like...well it's pretty much non exsistent. It's very sheer. Once you build it up a little you can see a slight pinky pearly sheen on your lips. It reminds me slightly like that labello pink pearl shine balm - link but more sheer. It applies smoothly. The product on the lips is soft and for me slightly waxy. Fruit Crush has a very sweet bubble gum scent to it. These Kiss Care Lip balms from Essence come in 4 colours - link

So do my lips feel softer? Well I don't think it's made an impact on my lips regarding the texture and care of them. There's no SPF in the product, so I think the main purpose of the product is for everyday use for those who don't wish for a lot of product on their lips. If you had really dry lips I doubt this will solve the problem. A really nice lip balm though.

I haven't tried the Maybelline Baby Lips but it seems like that this could be a good dupe for them, of course  I'm just judging from Nouvea Cheap's Blog post - link

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17 March 2013

Happy St.Patricks Day

My attempt at nail art #StPatricksDay

Hello to my fellow readers, Happy St.Patricks Day!!
I mentioned in my post about nail art inspiration - link I said I wasn't good at the aul nail art. So I picked some tools up in Penneys a few days ago and my first attempt of "proper nail art" was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. The above is the nail art I'm currently wearing for St. Patricks day....want to know what the tools were that I used to achieve this look? It's funny in the above picture it looks more blue, but I promise it's green!
essence nail art tools
These are great and very easy to use. (Although it is handy to have a bottle of nail polish remover for any minor mistakes). They cost less than €2 each. The Duo Stylist is really handy with a slightly smaller ball and one end and a bigger at the opposing end. The "designer set" contains 3 small sponges that can give a lovely gradiant effect (see my baby finger in the top picture) and a little handle with a very skinny brush head on the top to help create long slim lines (see ring finger).
green polishes
 Topshop Nail Polish "Eclipse" &LA Colors Color Craze "Atomic"
st Patricks day nail polish
I placed a base coat on my nails. Especially ones that strengthen them! I use this one from 17. I didn't apply a top coat on any of the nails apart from my baby nail as I wanted a matte finish on the sponge tip effect.

How are you doing your nails for St. Patricks Day?

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Celeste x

15 March 2013

Review: Bourjois Foundation - Flower Perfection

A while ago (as in bloody agggggesss ago) I was in the middle of loving my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation - link and I wasn't allowing myself open up yet another foundation until I finished one. (I've far too many on the go!)

So Healthy Mix was finished, time to crack open this new one, flower perfection! The first thing that really stands out for me is the packaging. It's in a glass container (30mls) with a white pump. It comes with a small sponge in the lid. If my memory serves me right I didn't bother reading the packaging and just thought to be myself "sure feck it I'll try it out".

bourjois flower perfection

Looking at the packaging when going to try it first it mentions that it is a full coverage foundation and has a matte finish. Yup, not demi matte...but matte. If you are a regular reader of my blog I'm sure you've heard me go on and on about my dry skin. This is the moment when I say to myself "Celeste, you big gonk". (Yes I just said "gonk"). Also it claims to have a 16 hour wear.

So on to trying out the product. It pumps out quite easily, smoothes over the skin. The one thing with this foundation is due to it being a matte finish, is that it sets quickly. There's no need to powder over this foundation I found.The coverage? Yup, definitely full. It completely blanked out my freckles the first time I used it. Using bronzer and  blush I had to make sure my face looked a bit more alive as I did pick the palest shade avaliable.

Shortly after using this product (within the first hour) I noticed that it started creasing whenever I smiled. And of course I found it quite drying on my skin and I found it uncomfortable on my skin and to be honest I did my usual test of a 12 hour shift to try out the 16 hour wear and  although the majority of it did last, when I got home I couldn't wait to take it off. Clearly better suited to oily skin types. It reminded me off Bourjois "Bio Detox" foundation. I never reviewed it here but I did try it in the past. It reminded me of the texture of the foundation and how it felt on my skin. The Bio Detox however had a rank smell. Beaut.ie did a quick look at the foundation / concealer combo back in 2010 - link

On the upside the foundation has SPF 15. So overall, for my dry skin this does not suit.

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Celeste x

14 March 2013

Reading a post by Bright Town Girl: Goodbye Google Reader.

So it was announced yesterday that Google are getting rid of google reader from the 1st July.
If you want to read the article its here. Tho..."

I've mangaged to connect with 105 readers through the use of my Google Friend Connect. For me, this is the one thing I mainly use for following and catching up with blogs I follow. It's number 1 for me. But today I am devastated to hear that Google are now getting rid of Google Reader from July 1st 2013.
It wasn't until I read Bright Town Girl's post - link on it I didn't cop on to the fact that it could affect GFC! There is now Google +  to follow blogs (which is over to the left hand column) You can add me into your circle!

So I just wanted to remind you all about

the ways you can follow  Madames Made Up.

I've a Facebook page that I post links to my blog - link

I'm on Twitter @MadamesMadeUp - link

You can follow through BlogLovin' - link

I'm also on HelloCotton - link

The rest of my contact and ways to follow are on the left handside of my blog and at the bottom of each post.

Read about A Girl and a Beauty Blog's guide on how to

import your RSS to BlogLovin' - link

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13 March 2013

Review: Rimmel Fix & Protect PRO Primer

For the last while I've been really getting into using a primer for my face. I was using my Smashbox primer for the past while, but the packaging really annoys me (yes it's the old style packaging!) - link

I've turned to start reusing Rimmel. I purchased a new tube of it a little while ago and I will say I love it! It's a great "drugstore"/ highstreet primer.

Rimmel Fix & Protect Pro Primer

I find that it helps even out the texture of my skin when I am having a bad skin day. I don't find it mattifies too much which is great for my dry skin. Throughout my day when I don't wear this, I notice my foundation "wears" away quickest on my chin and on my nose. 

I feels lovely and smooth on my skin and easily applies after I let my moisturiser sink into my skin. Like my review on Rimmels BB Cream - link I want to pick out the 5 points that they claim

It claims to:

  1. Smooth, I'm 25 years old and heading for 26 in a few short months. Most beauty related people would advice for anyone that is 25 to start looking at anti-wrinkle creams. If you do have any wrinkles this is meant to help smooth them out. "poly filler" as my mum would refer to them. I don't have any wrinkles that are notice able, but I do have slight dimples on my left cheek. When I smile I find that it can cause creases in my foundation. This helps minimal creasing although doesn't fully stop it.
  2. Resurface, when having dry skin patches that are slightly flakey (yes I know, ewww!!) I find that this helps mask the texture of the patch. And my skin does feel smoother.
  3. Brighten, to be honest I'm not 100% sure I can agree with this statement. At times I believe it can be down to the foundation I am using or if I try a Kim Kardashian contour - link , then I can truly feel like my skin is brightened.
  4. Mattify, like I've already mentioned I don't find this really that mattifying as I do have dry skin. But I find that the oil that my skin does produce at the end of the day is considerably less than with out it.
  5. Protect, okay, this one has me in a puzzle, as there is no SPF at all in the product. So what does it exactly protect against? For me you would be better off with a moisturiser with an SPF of at least 15 before this product. It is common knowledge that sun damage is the number one thing that doesn't help preventing aging, in fact causes it. I suppose there's an upside to not being a fan of sunny beach holidays.

So my overall opinion is I do like this product for my dry skin. But don't count on it having an SPF in it.

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Celeste x

11 March 2013

Paddy's Day Nail Inspiration

I'm by no means any good at nail art. In fact, my extent of nail art is painted my ring finger with a glittery top coat or a different colour or shade.

Last year for St. Patricks Day I "rocked" a simple green ring finger, white middle finger and an orange index finger (on both hands). It was a cheap little nail polish set from Claire's Accessories that only cost a couple of euro that was featured on beaut.ie - link (yes I'm number 5!)

This year I want to be a bit more adventurous I've had a little look up online and I've come across some gorgeous nail looks for St. Patricks Day that I feel like I must show  you all! Of course I will leave a link to their blog or website.

Here's my top 5 nail looks for St. Patricks Day, (in no particular order)

Polish and Pearls - link
The Nail Trail - link
Of Faces & Fingers - link
Sincerely Stephanie - link
Deez Nailz - link
What do you think of the above looks? Do you do nail art for St. Patricks Day?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

08 March 2013

International Womens Day March 8th 2013

international womens day 2013
www.google.com (8th March 2013)

I'm sure if you use google as your search engine you will have noticed the art work celebrating International Womens Day (March 8th). It's quite simple it's a day that's celebrating women! Well we are quite amazing aren't we?

There's some events happening today. So if you are about, go check them out! Visit Dublin City's website for a list of events - link

I just wanted to wish you all a happy women's day. Last year when I went into L'Occitane on Liffey Street in Dublin I got a lovely soap celebrating International Women's day. According to their website they are selling it again this year - link

I won't be in Dublin city today but I thought I'd share some of the goss with ya ;)

There's a twitter page for International Women's Day if you want to check out - link

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

06 March 2013

March 11th

Against animal testing
Since 1996 The Body Shop - link has been campaigning against animal testing. From March 11th 2013 we all can rejoice! The EU are banning testing on animals. The Body Shop and other companies like Lush are infamous for their campaigning and often have it written on their packaging that they are animal friendly.

To be honest if I look into my make up bag I couldn't tell you which was animal testing free and who wasn't. From March 11th any cosmetics you buy you now can reasurred that anything within the EU is cruelty free.

So doing some research online I've come across on PETA (people for the ethincal treatment of animals) a page for a list of companies who are cruelty free - link

To be honest I couldn't find MAC on the list (but it is there!) along with a lot of well loved products that I own. At present I didn't see inglot on the list...which I'm a little disappointed with. (The list was last updated 06/03/2013!)

I'm sure you've all read about Jacequeline Triade a performance artist who let herself be tortured in public for 10 hours. If you haven't click the link for it.
Warning there are some disturbing photo's - link This really gave me the shock factor. 

BUAV Bunny Cruelty Free international
Unfortunately this ban is only for countries within the EU. This will not affect countries outside the EU.

Someday, hopefully this shall be a worldwide ban. Until then we can rest assured from March 11th 2013 in Ireland, cosmetics here, are cruelty free.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

04 March 2013

Review: My Senses Miracle Moisture

For the last while I've been using a brand of Shampoo I thought I'd never use.....Tesco! I will admit to being a snob regarding to what I use on my hair. I've thick, wavy hair that is dyed blonde. Yes, not too healthy! I find myself wishing for softer locks and just awesome hair. This can sometimes be a challenge for me. Whenever I'm picking shampoos I either go for blonder hair shampoo or one that will nourish my hair as much as it can. While going to buy Herbal Essences "hello hydration" I came across "My Senses: Miracle Moisture" by Tesco.

Tesco My Senses Miracle Moisture Shampoo

Of course I popped open the lid and compared the smell of the two shampoos and they were very similar. So I opted for the cheaper option. (400mls of Herbal Essences is €5.25, 400mls of My Senses is €2.99) The shampoo itself has a blue tint in it. Smells lovely, rich and coconutty. It lathers quite easily and leaves my hair feeling super clean. Anyone that dyes their locks knows that maintaining moisture is essential to keeping your hair looking good and being healthy.

I always use a conditioner, whether it's a deep conditioning mask for my hair, conditioner or a leave in conditioner I always use one. For this shampoo I find I don't have to use a deep conditioning mask and that a leave in conditioner does the job. Great for when you don't have enough time. 
The only down side to this shampoo is that it's packed with sulfates.

If you don't know what sulfates are "Sulfates are detergents that produce lather. They are found in a variety of beauty products, including soaps, body washes, and shampoo. Sulfates break up grease on the hair, allowing it to be rinsed away. In hair products, like shampoo, sulfates remove natural oils, dirt and hair product residue. Sulfates can be rather harsh for sensitive skin, and may strip away color, according to LorealParisUSA.com"

If sulfates are something you really want to avoid (most hairdressers would advise this) then it's probably best to stay clear of this shampoo. The Herbal Essences Hello Hydration also has sulfates. It's a pity because I do actually like this shampoo.

But if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Hello Hydration, Miracle Moisture is just as good!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

03 March 2013

Get the Look: Adele Oscars 2013

A Sunday post?

Yes I know, but considering I didn't post on Friday I thought I'd share how to get this gorgeous look with you.

Well who didn't love Adele's classic make up look?? Adele's make up artist Michael Aston wanted to modernise a classic look. I believe that anyone can pull this off. Of course you don't have to use the exact products to achieve this look. There's plenty of dupes out there! A flawless base is number one in this look. Aston opted for Maestro foundation my Armani (I've never used but heard it's amazing!). Some brightening concealer for the under the eyes and on the high points on the face to help create a glowing complexion.

Beautysets - Adele 2013 Oscars get the look
Adele's look:  www.mirror.co.uk
Rest of make up located from Google Images & Beauty Sets
Adele 2013 Oscars get the look
Next up the eyes, using beautiful cool toned mattes he added a subtle smokiness to Adele's eyes. Filled in the brows, lined the upper lid with gel eyeliner and then lashings of mascara. Adele nearly always contour to add a bit of dimension to her face. Add some silky poweder to set everything then finish with the lips, line them, add your colour then a glossy shine for added plumpy affect :)

Gorgeous or what? I might take some inspiration and see what I have in my make up bag that can help me achieve a similar make up look.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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