27 February 2013

Review: L'Oreal Wet Shine Gloss

If any of you follow me on instagram -link  you might have known my boyfriend at the start of the month, was in Colorado snowboarding. Through the amazing app on our phones whattapp we could keep in touch. I mentioned in a passing joke about make up and he actually agreed to it! When he was over there he popped into Target and got me three shades of my choice.


I tried them out for the first time the other day and I took photo's and I  thought I'd share my experience with you. The shade I'm showing you here is 186 in Berry Persistent. It comes in a gold plastic case which it does have an expensive look to them and you can see a peek of the colour on the case. The opening twists from the bottom. The shade when I seen it online in videos on youtube and in photo's from blogs I thought to myself "It's my colour". The product applies quite easily although I was trying to be careful as it was a gloss stain and well stains aren't that easy to wipe away. In the below picture the product was applied about the 3pm mark (bottom left photo) and about 10-20 mins after I applied the product I noticed a slightly tacky/ dry sensation. It was odd because when I looked in the mirror it didn't looked dried out or anything. The photo next to the bottom left was when I returned home after wearing this product for 3 hours without any touch ups. I tried touching up after but it was like I could feel the second layer was separate. The final photo in the collage was one where after I applied the product I let it set for a few minutes and then kissed the back of my hand. The majority didn't transfer...but the outside / lined bit did transfer onto my skin...

The first time I went to try this out I went to meet my godson for the first time he was 4 days old!! After I met him I whispered to Ross, "I'm wearing a scary colour for the baby"...I doubt little Ryan minded much. Ross reasurred me it wasn't. I did give Ryan a little kiss on the cheek thinking it wouldn't transfer...there was  the tiniest mark on his little cheek, but it wiped away quite easily. It was tiny, but because he was only 4 days  old and he's so small the mark (to me) looked hhhhuuuuggggeee!!

L'Oreal wet shine stain gloss 186 Berry Persistent

So over all I like the shade of this product because the majority does last and it's quite kiss proof. Although it does give a slightly more tacky finish. I love the packaging, it looks sleek and expensive. I'm not a fan of how long it lasts as I found it wears away on the lips but the product does stain the lips. So far I've only tried the darkest out of the 3 shades. Maybe if I touch up more often it wouldn't wear away as quickly?

What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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