11 February 2013

Oh dear...

Life is too short to Dance with ugly men (BLOG) - link
Yes, we've all heard about silly make up related beauty stories.

The most recent one I heard from a girl I work with, is her friend's eye lashes...a lot fell out because she "over curled them". I was quite confused as she then explained that her friend used to heat up the curlers with her hair drier before using them. I've never done this before and I hope I never do! Whenever I use heat on my locks on my head I always use a heat protectant. There is no such thing for your lashes. If anyone is tempted to do this....please don't!

I once had a friend ask me about using nail glue for her lashes. I will admit I did have a mini freak out and I think I scared her away from that thought....she did say she was joking. But could you imagine?

I thought it was bad when I was starting out with really getting into make up and skin care that night cream should only be used at night. (I do shift work which entails night shift) ....haha....Yes, I can be a right eejit!

What are some stories you've heard?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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