25 February 2013

Not a typical Make-up Post...

I whenever I watch youtube video's of beauty guru's or read any posts on shadows in palette's that the name of the shadow isn't easily accessible, I can't understand why people don't label the eyeshadow along side the actual shadow.

Inglot shadows are quite difficult to remove from the pan to read the label, I know from experience as it can be quite annoying when what you are using to wedge between the shadow and the pan suddenly slips and dips into your shadow....removing a chunk.
broken inglot eye shadows
Chunks missing from moving inglot shadows... - link
This leads to sad face.

So to I thought of labelling the underneath of the pan. But my preference is to label along side the shadow.

In purchased in Argos this Brother PT - H 105 labelling machine - link for just under €26. It's very easy to use and prints quite easily! Great of organising your make up drawers and pretty much anything at all!!
labelling make up
I'm really a geek at heart people....No more printing pages out from the computer and wasting paper. Sellotape just doesn't look as good to me!

The ink is completely dry when it's printed. You can create many different designs, add bold or italics to the font. For me I prefer quite pain and simple design.

For using it for along side my inglot shadow palette, I did have to trim down the strip as it was a tad too thick to fit neatly along side with out having to fold over the side.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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