01 February 2013

How know you are reading an Irish Beauty Blog

  • Well we typically drink lots and lots of tea.
  • Most of the time we aren't arsed about doing tan. Unless we get some amazing product.
  • We are all readers of beaut.ie 
  • If there's a product that involves some sort of disaster, yes, we will mention it.
  • We will review essence and catrice as they are just simply amazing products. (More Catrice to review soon!)
  • We will mention in the blog, the weather and use it to link beauty products too. (Winter weather = dehydrated skin = moisturiser post)
  • Any beauty event you will see photo's of other beauty bloggers. (Links will be submitted to their blogs) because we love to share the love like X
  • In the blog we will mention about complete and utter rubbish that's on the telly. (Tallafornia/Dublin Wives anyone?)
  • We secretly try to type up posts in work (let's all be honest here, am I the only one?)
  • What's this? A product I haven't read a review on before? I will buy just so I can blog about it!!
  • Our blogs are our babies.
  • We have twitter, facebook, bloglovin' and hellocotton at least.
  • We love Irish products. Anything Irish worth mentioning we will do so.
  • Our family members thing we have an unhealthy addiction to beauty products.
  • Our family members (in this case my mum!) can't wait to be given some products that just didn't work for us. Especially high-end ones.
  • There's nothing more annoying then not having Sephora in Ireland
  • When we are away on holiday in a country where Sephora is....we will hunt it down.
  • We can never find that shade of foundation that is just right for us pale girls.
Anything else I'm missing??

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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