27 February 2013

Review: L'Oreal Wet Shine Gloss

If any of you follow me on instagram -link  you might have known my boyfriend at the start of the month, was in Colorado snowboarding. Through the amazing app on our phones whattapp we could keep in touch. I mentioned in a passing joke about make up and he actually agreed to it! When he was over there he popped into Target and got me three shades of my choice.


I tried them out for the first time the other day and I took photo's and I  thought I'd share my experience with you. The shade I'm showing you here is 186 in Berry Persistent. It comes in a gold plastic case which it does have an expensive look to them and you can see a peek of the colour on the case. The opening twists from the bottom. The shade when I seen it online in videos on youtube and in photo's from blogs I thought to myself "It's my colour". The product applies quite easily although I was trying to be careful as it was a gloss stain and well stains aren't that easy to wipe away. In the below picture the product was applied about the 3pm mark (bottom left photo) and about 10-20 mins after I applied the product I noticed a slightly tacky/ dry sensation. It was odd because when I looked in the mirror it didn't looked dried out or anything. The photo next to the bottom left was when I returned home after wearing this product for 3 hours without any touch ups. I tried touching up after but it was like I could feel the second layer was separate. The final photo in the collage was one where after I applied the product I let it set for a few minutes and then kissed the back of my hand. The majority didn't transfer...but the outside / lined bit did transfer onto my skin...

The first time I went to try this out I went to meet my godson for the first time he was 4 days old!! After I met him I whispered to Ross, "I'm wearing a scary colour for the baby"...I doubt little Ryan minded much. Ross reasurred me it wasn't. I did give Ryan a little kiss on the cheek thinking it wouldn't transfer...there was  the tiniest mark on his little cheek, but it wiped away quite easily. It was tiny, but because he was only 4 days  old and he's so small the mark (to me) looked hhhhuuuuggggeee!!

L'Oreal wet shine stain gloss 186 Berry Persistent

So over all I like the shade of this product because the majority does last and it's quite kiss proof. Although it does give a slightly more tacky finish. I love the packaging, it looks sleek and expensive. I'm not a fan of how long it lasts as I found it wears away on the lips but the product does stain the lips. So far I've only tried the darkest out of the 3 shades. Maybe if I touch up more often it wouldn't wear away as quickly?

What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

25 February 2013

Not a typical Make-up Post...

I whenever I watch youtube video's of beauty guru's or read any posts on shadows in palette's that the name of the shadow isn't easily accessible, I can't understand why people don't label the eyeshadow along side the actual shadow.

Inglot shadows are quite difficult to remove from the pan to read the label, I know from experience as it can be quite annoying when what you are using to wedge between the shadow and the pan suddenly slips and dips into your shadow....removing a chunk.
broken inglot eye shadows
Chunks missing from moving inglot shadows... - link
This leads to sad face.

So to I thought of labelling the underneath of the pan. But my preference is to label along side the shadow.

In purchased in Argos this Brother PT - H 105 labelling machine - link for just under €26. It's very easy to use and prints quite easily! Great of organising your make up drawers and pretty much anything at all!!
labelling make up
I'm really a geek at heart people....No more printing pages out from the computer and wasting paper. Sellotape just doesn't look as good to me!

The ink is completely dry when it's printed. You can create many different designs, add bold or italics to the font. For me I prefer quite pain and simple design.

For using it for along side my inglot shadow palette, I did have to trim down the strip as it was a tad too thick to fit neatly along side with out having to fold over the side.

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Celeste x

20 February 2013

Butter London Spring 2013

I recently attended a PR event for Butter London's Spring 2013 collection. The collection was inspired by the soft pastels of cotton candy, milkshakes and macaroons which help bring a more playful tone to this collection.

Katie Hughes (Global Colour Ambassador for Butter London) says "Pops of pastels are iconic for spring and look like candy on the nails".

All we need now is a sweety like caviar for our nails!

Butter London event in Avoca

They have released 6 polishes. Cuppa, an opaque tan cream neutal. Fiver, a cool toned mint. Jasper, an opaque pastel yellow. Kerfuffle, a pink toned coral. Molly Coddled, a beautiful lavendar pastel. And finally Fruit Machine, a brighter pink refered to by Butter London as "punchy carnation".

I received two polishes Fruit Machine* & Molly Coddled* at the Butter London event.

So let's have a little look.
Butter London Spring collection 2013
Butter London Molly Coddled Spring 2013
Molly Coddled Butter London Spring 2013
Fruit Machine Butter London
Butter London Fruit Machine

Both these nail polishes are perfect pastels that will brighten up your nails for this coming Spring. Sure don't we need it with all the rubbish weather we've been having? Want to jazz up a look but don't want to stray too far from your comfort zone? A simple nail polish coat or two adds that bit more polished effect to any look.
Molly coddled by @butterlondon  ♥
Molly Coddled, two coats of polish.
The colours are really opaque and give a lovely glossy finish. (Sorry about the bad quality of the above photo of my nails as my internet is really bad and I'm finding it hard to upload photo's up to flickr from my lap top....Smart phone to the rescue!)

Butter London is available at Avoca, Dylan Bradshaw, Harvey Nichols, Beauty Matters.ie, Millies.ie and The Loop (Dublin Airport). The RRP is €15.

*These polishes were received with thanks at the PR
Butter London Event in Avoca, Suffolk Street, Dublin.

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Celeste x

19 February 2013

Tomorrow's post!

Hi guys!!

Sorry for the lack of posts for the past few days....I'll update you all in another Catch up with Celeste!
So here's a sneaky preview of tomorrow's post. It's going up 10:00 GMT!

I'm trying to stick to doing posts on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays...but sometimes life just takes over from blogging! I know I could just put the post up today (instead of this one) but I thought I'd just give you a teaser...

Butter London Molly Coddled Review

I hope you are all keeping well X I will update you about my crap internet and other things that have been happening with me :) hee!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

13 February 2013

Beauty Stash: Designer Purple

I'm sure many of you have seen that MAC are bringing out an "Archies Girls" collection.

I've looked up the MACcosmetics.co.uk website and I couldn't find the source. So onto to the US one.
I noticed in the collection there is a pencil that is limited edition "designer purple"(- link) Yes, I love when this happens. I own this from a previous collection - The Vera collection, Spring 2012. This has been repromoted in the past but I purchased it in the Vera Collection.
If you wish to see my haul it featured it click here.

MAC designer Purple pencil 2
MAC designer Purple pencil
MAC designer Purple pencil swatch

MAC repromotes limited edition products from time to time which for me is great especially if we love an item. I went through a massive phase of purple on my eyes. Not so much now, but I did pull it out the other day and it's still is creamy, pigmented and perfect as ever. It has teeny shimmer and sparkle bits in it . At it goes great on a purple smokey eye. When first applied it can easily be blended and used as a base. My prefence to use, is on the lower lid.

The above photo's are from when I first purchased it (yes I'm recycling photo's) but I love that MAC have brought this product out again so I wanted to show you it as it was when first purchased.

I'm trying to not spend as much money on products, especially in collections. But sometimes it's worth while when you know theirs a chance MAC will bring it out again. Of course with this "Archies Girls" collection the packaging is different. But to be honest I love my packaging (average MAC). Like I mentioned, I haven't seen Archie's Girls on the MAC uk website. I read on The Sunday's Girl blog (link) that she's guessing for it to be in the UK (and Ireland) roughly around March 2013.

I purchased my pencil at MAC in Dublin Airport for €15.15. MAC at Dublin Airport tends to be 15%-20% cheaper then at normal MAC counters/ shops. T'is handy when you go travelling a lot you know. (It makes the long distancce relationship have some bonuses!!)

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

11 February 2013

Oh dear...

Life is too short to Dance with ugly men (BLOG) - link
Yes, we've all heard about silly make up related beauty stories.

The most recent one I heard from a girl I work with, is her friend's eye lashes...a lot fell out because she "over curled them". I was quite confused as she then explained that her friend used to heat up the curlers with her hair drier before using them. I've never done this before and I hope I never do! Whenever I use heat on my locks on my head I always use a heat protectant. There is no such thing for your lashes. If anyone is tempted to do this....please don't!

I once had a friend ask me about using nail glue for her lashes. I will admit I did have a mini freak out and I think I scared her away from that thought....she did say she was joking. But could you imagine?

I thought it was bad when I was starting out with really getting into make up and skin care that night cream should only be used at night. (I do shift work which entails night shift) ....haha....Yes, I can be a right eejit!

What are some stories you've heard?

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

08 February 2013

"Genius in a Bottle"

Catrice have done it again!

Another fantastic dupe for a highend product.

In August 2011 Chanel brought out a nail polish in the shade PĂ©ridot (531). It is a greenish gold shade and when you look at it from a different angle it can look like it has a lot of blue tones in it. I kind of reminds me of petrol in water kind of effect. I don't own this polish but I have been cheeky and swatched it on my nail before....and do I have a photo? ahem....no. But I will send you over to Temptalia.com for photo's of swatches....- link
Catrice genius in a bottle dupe for chanel peridot 531
Catrice - link vs Chanel - link
The size of Catrice is 10mls Chanel 13mls....(The above pictures are not an accurate comparision in size)

Looking at them in their Press photo's side by side they look very similar. Swatching them they are dead similar to each other. When I wore my cartrice "Genius in a bottle" it was identical. I even convinced a friend that I splurged on Chanel nail polish....
Come on would I really spend that much on a polish?

One coat of "genius in a bottle"
Catrice nail polish RRP is €2.49 (I think!) While the Chanel nail polish is roughly around the €22 mark...(link)

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

06 February 2013

Catch up with Celeste #2

Hello :)

I hope you all are well....it's time for another Catch up with Celeste. To read my first one click - here

So what have I been up to recently? Well I feel as soon as I get a day off and I've time to meet up people are busy and when I'm in the middle of working 12 hour shifts I get a few calls and texts asking about meet ups cuppas (tea or wine). When it rains it certainly pours.

My boyfriend knows what to say to me xx

Ross (my boyfriend) is currently over in America (Colorado) snowboarding. All I can say is thank god for whatsapp - link. If it wasn't for this amazing device I wouldn't be able to keep in touch with him...whatever country he's in! Once there's wifi (or you can use your mobile data) you can text for freeeee!!. Also send picture messages.... So yes he can message me about all the things that make me jealous....

Yes ladies, I've sent him a list of one or two things to try to get me make up wise that we can't get over here!!

I've been getting my hair done for the last year in a local salon which is dead handy for me. But I fancied a change. So I popped off to Peter Marks where I had a lovely stylist Sarah do my hair. I'm really happy with the result. I decided to opt for bonder (half a head) and  for a side fringe. Which I was really happy with!!

Thank god for phone covers....not a drop on my phone!

In work yesterday I had a pen in my pocket and along side my phone...and the stupid pen leaked! It took me a while to cop on as to why I had pen all over my hands and on the note pad which my phone was resting on (to absorb the vibrates). I wouldn't have minded as much but my cover costed me about a tenner! I thought i didn't get a drop on my phone but I got the tiniest smudge...nothing to write home about I know....BUT STILL! (rant over!)

I thought I would share some posts with you that I've taken some interest in, that I think you might like...

Fleur De Force: Bioderma is coming to the UK - link

The Beautiful World of Lennyn B: L'Oreal Color Riche Caresse Aqua Lip Lacquer - link (I'm also loving her new layout!)

THUNDER + THREADS: EU Officially Bans Animal Testing On Cosmetics. - link

The Lily White English Rose: Revlon Nearly Naked - link

Viva Adonis - Irish Beauty Blog: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation - link 

Belles Boutique | Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Blog : Make Up Forever HD Powder- Infamous Flashback! - link

I'm attending a PR event tomorrow and I will have a post up for you all to have a read X
How have you all been? X

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

04 February 2013

"C'mon Chameleon!"

While in Penneys the other day I found myself browsing the Catrice stand. And found a very interesting shade. "C'mon Chameleon!". My very first thought was, "oh, a dupe for MAC's "Club" I must try out".
So €3.49 later and a small drop at the counter (but it survived) and I was home ready to try out this beaut.



Here's MAC's "Club"


So let's compare the two shadows...


Club eye shadow dupe_edited-1
Catrice 410 "C'mon Chameleon" on the left and MAC "Club" on the right
Identical right? I feel like if I squint my right eye and tilt my head....I swear Catrice is a wee bit nicer than MAC..... I never thought I'd say that.

Both these are very similar texture. Both being a Satin finish. Both apply to the eye quite easily. What I love about these colours is that both can be wore on it's own.

I wore "C'mon Chameleon" out on Saturday night and I loved the look of it. It is an excellent dupe for MAC's club. Girls if you are thinking of buying MAC's club I would recommend buying the Catrice one. First of all you get 0.5 grams more product. (Catrice 2grams, MAC 1.5 grams).
Not only do you get more product in catrice but it is a hell of a lot cheaper. I looked up MACs website (french site for euros price) and Club was €17 vs C'mon Chameleon for €3.49!
So you are saving €13.50 for the same eye shadow? You can buy lots of Catrice shadows for that!! (well 3 more)....3 MAC shadows cost (at €17) cost €51 .... And €51 worth of Catrice shadows is 14 shadows...

It's been a while since I bought MAC shadows outside airport prices....but I'm in shock at the price!! I think I shall be looking more into Catrice eye shadows. Not just Starlight Espresso for my brows.


What does it look like on the lid?

c'mon chameleon catrice
catrice c'mon chameleon applied
MAC Club dupe catrice c'mon chameleon
Other Make up
Black liner on waterline - Smoulder MAC 
(Tight-lined and smudged on top and bottom lid)
(light, powder only)

What do you guys think? Amazing value or what?

You might just find me in penneys with one of those baskets emptying the Catrice stand!

....I've just remembered....one of my local pharmacy's stock Catrice....eeek!!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x

01 February 2013

How know you are reading an Irish Beauty Blog

  • Well we typically drink lots and lots of tea.
  • Most of the time we aren't arsed about doing tan. Unless we get some amazing product.
  • We are all readers of beaut.ie 
  • If there's a product that involves some sort of disaster, yes, we will mention it.
  • We will review essence and catrice as they are just simply amazing products. (More Catrice to review soon!)
  • We will mention in the blog, the weather and use it to link beauty products too. (Winter weather = dehydrated skin = moisturiser post)
  • Any beauty event you will see photo's of other beauty bloggers. (Links will be submitted to their blogs) because we love to share the love like X
  • In the blog we will mention about complete and utter rubbish that's on the telly. (Tallafornia/Dublin Wives anyone?)
  • We secretly try to type up posts in work (let's all be honest here, am I the only one?)
  • What's this? A product I haven't read a review on before? I will buy just so I can blog about it!!
  • Our blogs are our babies.
  • We have twitter, facebook, bloglovin' and hellocotton at least.
  • We love Irish products. Anything Irish worth mentioning we will do so.
  • Our family members thing we have an unhealthy addiction to beauty products.
  • Our family members (in this case my mum!) can't wait to be given some products that just didn't work for us. Especially high-end ones.
  • There's nothing more annoying then not having Sephora in Ireland
  • When we are away on holiday in a country where Sephora is....we will hunt it down.
  • We can never find that shade of foundation that is just right for us pale girls.
Anything else I'm missing??

Thanks for stopping by :)

Celeste x
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