07 January 2013

Review: Soap & Glory, Make Yourself Youthful

Since my last post on Estee Lauders Night Repair I've started using a serum during the day. My weapon of choice...

Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Super Rejuvenating Face Serum.


So what does Soap and Glory have to say about the product?

"Packed with collagen-boosting PENTAPEPTIDES, proven wrinkle-smoother - DELINER™ - and a secret, circulation stimulating organic OXYGEN COMPLEX, this amazing super-regenerating facial serum helps re-energize tired skin, smooth surface imperfections, refine pores, recalibrate uneven skin tone, brighten, tone and tighten, while acting as a light-medium nightly moisturizer. (Packs way above its weight in bang-for-your-buck efficacy.)"

I've been using this product pretty much everyday since I bought it back in November. The texture is a much thicker serum to ones I've used in the past. To me the product smells slightly like Terry's Chocolate Orange.....Weird I know! It glides on to the skin beautifully and sinks in no problem. I finish with my moisturiser of choice for the day. I find that my skin has a slight glow to it after using the product which is amazing for my dry skin. For my non-make up days if I'm not interested in even wearing BB Cream, I'm quite happy to go about my day with this.

Before I started using this product I had gotten into only using a serum (Night Repair) at night time. But these winter months have just sucked the moisture right out of my face and neck. When applying this product I apply to my face I use what ever is left over and bring it down my neck and over my hands. I apply a moisturiser to lock it in place.

The first time I used this product was in December when I was over in Edinburgh visiting my boyfriend. It was funny the first time I used it I got ID'd in a bar. Ross had nipped to the loo and I also had my bear hat on. I'm 25 and the woman must have thought I looked at least 17! Too funny - I did think it was the serum at the time but it was clearly the hat....

Do you use a serum? Have you tried this product?

Thanks for stopping by :)
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