18 January 2013

Review: Pixy Tutti Fruity

I bought some Pixy products for some friends for Christmas. As part of the package I got two mini bath bombs as a gift from the Pixy online team. So I gave my friend the present and kept the two mini bath bombs to try out for myself.

Tutti Fruity
So far I've only used up one in the bath. I've never used one before this and I was quite curious as to what it does. So run hot bath, add a Yankee candle into the room. And then drop the bath bomb into the tub and let it fizz away.

As it melts quite quickly, the water turns a slightly pink hue, which weakens the more water there is in the tub.

The glitter from the bath bomb floats on the water as the rest is dissolved.

So what did I think of using the bath bomb? Well like I said it was a first time for me. However I don't think it's something I'm 100% totally sold on. Maybe it was because it was a small one and I didn't get the full impact on it. I'm hoping to go into Lush or to my local pharmacy  that sells Pixy (I found this out after I made my purchases online) this week so maybe I will try out theirs. The glitter on the product looks pretty. I didn't find my body was covered in glitter or anything - which is good as they are pretty big chunks of glitter. There is a very light fragrance to the bath. (I had to blow out my candle to make sure I wasn't smelling my Yankee). I also received another one in "Lime Light" which I've yet to use. The bath tub however needs a scrub right after use as the glitter is everywhere.

In regards to cleansing the skin as Pixy claims it does? Well I thought my skin was pretty clean after but I think that was down to my body wash more than the bath fizzie.

I think these are great for presents for anyone that loves a nice relaxing bath. I might just have to try out a full size one to see how it compares to the smaller size.

Pixy's website - www.pixy.ie 

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