09 January 2013

Review: No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes

I'm sure you've read what I won on beaut.ie

I know wipes aren't good for your skin. But they are much better than not taking your make up off altogther. Being in a long distant relationship and only going over to the UK for a few days at a time I've become some what of an (well I think) of an expert on what to bring cosmeticly wise. Sometimes I still bring too much but wipes are a staple in my cabin baggage to save on space and products.

Darn this regulation:
So, with me bringing night cream, day cream & serum my bag is nearly already full. Not inculding my deodrant and the rest of my make up. With wipes you don't need to fit them into the plastic bag! Yay!But I'm not going to go in to massive detail about these wipes as I feel like there's nothing new about these wipes compared to others. But one thing I will say that I love is the packaging.! It's just so clever. Each wipe I've used hasn't dried out one bit. They are super moist and remove face make up no problem. The little plastic lid keeps the wipes moist and fresh. Like I'm opening the packet for the first time. Everytime. Whenever I have wipes I tend to store them face down so that I can keep as much moisture in the wipes as possible! I have a pack of baby wipes at home as well but the moisture goes out of them quickly so I remove the first layer and not using it and going for the second layer straight away and not using the dried out one.

But I find I have to go over my eye make up again with a second wipe or with Bio Derma. I've still loads left and I try to not use as often and keep up with my cleansing routine at night.

Do you use wipes? Which ones do you use?

Thanks for stopping by :)
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