04 January 2013


On a recent shopping trip I found myself in Penneys and I came across this for €3.50

It's Penney's take on nail art (like the caviar nails by Ciate) It's something I can't say I've a huge interest in doing. But if you can get the same effect for only €3.50.....well sure why not. In the set you get two little bottles and a funnel. There was no choice of colours in the Penneys I was in so I could only pick up black. In one container you get 10mls black nail polish and in the other you get 14g of black beads. The funnel is to help with putting the left over beads back in the little jar neatly.

The black polish is super opaque. It doesn't need a second coat at all. For my accent nail I did apply a second coat so the little beads have something to stick so. In the plastic container that the nail polish was held in I poured out some beads and placed my ring finger with wet nail polish and ensured I gave a generous coating of beads.

To be honest I wore this look for only a little while....yes my nail polish application was terrible but what I found most frustrating was that the beads came off after a while. While eating dinner I was afraid of swallowing them....not that kind of caviar is good for anyone to eat!! I ended up tipping them off a few at a time.

The idea is great for a polish look but it's not very practical. You can't get more than a few hours to a day out of the look at the beads will fall off or get knocked off. But not bad for €3.50 right? The black nail polish really surprised me as it was far more blacker than my 17 & Bourjois black nail polishes. The consistency is rather thick but other than that - Amazing!!

Have you tried the caviar look?

Thanks for stopping by :)
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