16 January 2013

Catch up with Celeste # 1

Would you be interested in finding out what I have been up to in the last week? This is similar kind of post I've come across a lot on other blogs  and I want to get more personal posts out there. So "Catch up with Celeste" posts should be popping up more often.

Over the last 2 weeks I've been quite busy. I surprised myself that I managed to have 5 posts in the last week. I'm trying to keep up with my  blogging, tweeting and facebook. (thankfully my twitter is linked to my facebook so you can get updates there ).
Over Christmas I started an Instagram account. Yes, the user name is the same as my personal twitter account but I want to show up on my personal twitter when I want to share it via twitter as it's not all make up.

But what have I been up to? Well the last 2 weeks, like I said, I've been quite busy. Apart from 12 hour shifts in work I flew over to London.

I was booked on a 9 o clock flight with Aer lingus to London and I managed to finish work early and got to the check-in around 6 and managed to get on to the 7 o clock flight! Woop! Thank god. The thought of getting back to Ross's apartment at 11 at night was killing me after being up since 04:30am that morning. Those two hours made the difference.

I got to chill with a nice bottle of my favourite ginger beer Crabbies. I don't like to drink beer - but this one is lovely and sweet and easy to drink!

My local pub at home sells this for €5.10 which is super expensive given that I can buy this for £2 at least? I did find the ginger beer in Super Quinn for €3.15. I was over the moon :)

My cousin Fi works in Victoria's Secret on New Bond street in London. It was first time ever being there. The store was huge! There was a sale on and the place was packed. It has 4 levels. The lower level had the likes of tracksuits, hoodies and lounge wear. Because it was a sale pretty much anything I liked was gone in my size. The ground floor was the usual undies and the first floor was the same. I didn't know Victoria's Secret had their own make up line! I was tempted to buy one or two things. The lip glosses are meant to taste amazing! Fi was really convincing to buy too much stuff. The offers that they had wear amazing. PJ's half price from £44 - £20? I don't mind! Ross was clearly uncomfortable so he headed up the "man creche"...well it's the top floor where there's a seating area where men sit and just play on their phones.

On my way back to Dublin I had £50 in Gatwick vouchers that I've had for ages that needed spending. I decided against cosmetics but to go for a nice bag.....A Juicy Couture bag! It's leather messenger like bag with gold zip detail. It was on sale, then with my £50 vouchers I just had to pay the balance of £84! But I love it ! Great for hand luggage and a good few compartments in it!

This week, I've been working, what seems to be, lots. Ross came over and I got to spend even more time with him. On my 12 hour shifts  I'm quite (excuse the language) bolloxed! Although it will be 4 weeks till I see him again. In the mean time all a girl can do is keep busy! Time for catching up with friends before they give birth, spend my Make Up Forever Voucher and to get my hair done!

I'm going to get a post together about a topshop lippie X
Here's a quick preview of me wearing the lippie in London

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