22 January 2013

Beauty Stash: Blush - MAC Subtle Breeze

I'm half considering doing a spending ban as I have too much make up and maybe just blogging about make up I have already. I'm not going to do posts on spending bans but I am going to show some love to some wonderful products I already own. I've bought lots of make up and only use some pieces for a while and then move on to the next one and I've  some make up I've never opened. It's one of those blogger things where you buy make up, don't use it till you take photo's of the product but then forget to take photo's and they just end up getting stashed away in a drawer and barely being used. So here's a post (hopefully the first of many!) of products I already own.

MAC Subtle Breeze

I know starting off a Beauty Stash post with a limited edition product from one of MAC's collections is a bit daft, but I really want to review this product. And hopefully it shall make a return in another MAC collection in the future as MAC reproduces some limited edition products from time to time. So you might come across it again!

In February of last year I bought a mineralized blush from MAC's 2011 winter collection "Naturally". This blush was only featured in a haul (click here) but I actually never reviewed the product.

I find myself using this blush over and over again for the last number of weeks. So I thought I should do a post on it. It is my first and only Mineralized blush from MAC and just using this one makes me want to buy more. This beautiful blue toned pink blush is gorgeous. It was the first blush that I felt I really took a risk when buying.

subtle breeze
MAC subtle breeze naturally collection
It is simply just a gorgeous colour. I can't get enough of wearing it. The smallest amount of product as it can be easily too much. I'm sure it will last me a good while as I only use a small amount. With my fair skin it looks gorgeous on the apples of my cheeks. This product lasts all day on my cheeks and I never need a touch up.
MAC subtle breeze
MAC subtle breeze swatch
The blush has a gorgeous velvet finish which is soft and I think adds a slight glow to my cheeks. This smooth formula is a dream to work with and isn't drying on my already dry skin.

One thing I will say is, this product is super pigmented! Not one that you can put on quickly without looking. Less is certainly more. 

Have you ever tried out MAC's mineralized blushes before?? What did you think?

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Celeste x
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