27 January 2013

Review: Topshop Lip Crayon "Suspect"

I've been ever so curious about these lip crayons from topshop. I rarely go into the shop but since they started bringing out make up I tend to pop in a little bit more often. I picked up a few products which I will review of course here on the blog. First up, Lip Crayon in Suspect.
Top Shop Lip Crayon Suspect
This crayon has a smooth texture when first applied. You can apply it for a full on effect of super strong dark plum colour or you can have a lighter appliction with an added balm. When first applied the colour is gorgeous and it does have a shine. But it does dry to a matte finish.

suspect topshop lip crayon
suspect lip crayon topshop
suspect lip crayon topshop
topshop lip crayon in suspect
The first time I wore this I went on for the full on effect. I found my lips quite dry as I wore it and started topping up with some lip balm (carmex). Since it had a matte finish, I found the product didn't smudge throughout the day but it was quite drying on my lips.

Ever since I wore this, my preference is to wear this crayon mixed with carmex or vaseline and then applied to the lips. Doing this I don't dry out my lips, although it will slightly move on the lips especially through eating, drinking and of course talking!

topshop lip crayon in suspect
suspect lip crayon topshop
arcade top shop
Wearing Suspect - with carmex mixed with it in London :)
Although there is a more redish tint to it?

I think on to more Top Shop make up!!!

Did you see my review on TopShop lipstick "An Idol"? (Click here)
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22 January 2013

Beauty Stash: Blush - MAC Subtle Breeze

I'm half considering doing a spending ban as I have too much make up and maybe just blogging about make up I have already. I'm not going to do posts on spending bans but I am going to show some love to some wonderful products I already own. I've bought lots of make up and only use some pieces for a while and then move on to the next one and I've  some make up I've never opened. It's one of those blogger things where you buy make up, don't use it till you take photo's of the product but then forget to take photo's and they just end up getting stashed away in a drawer and barely being used. So here's a post (hopefully the first of many!) of products I already own.

MAC Subtle Breeze

I know starting off a Beauty Stash post with a limited edition product from one of MAC's collections is a bit daft, but I really want to review this product. And hopefully it shall make a return in another MAC collection in the future as MAC reproduces some limited edition products from time to time. So you might come across it again!

In February of last year I bought a mineralized blush from MAC's 2011 winter collection "Naturally". This blush was only featured in a haul (click here) but I actually never reviewed the product.

I find myself using this blush over and over again for the last number of weeks. So I thought I should do a post on it. It is my first and only Mineralized blush from MAC and just using this one makes me want to buy more. This beautiful blue toned pink blush is gorgeous. It was the first blush that I felt I really took a risk when buying.

subtle breeze
MAC subtle breeze naturally collection
It is simply just a gorgeous colour. I can't get enough of wearing it. The smallest amount of product as it can be easily too much. I'm sure it will last me a good while as I only use a small amount. With my fair skin it looks gorgeous on the apples of my cheeks. This product lasts all day on my cheeks and I never need a touch up.
MAC subtle breeze
MAC subtle breeze swatch
The blush has a gorgeous velvet finish which is soft and I think adds a slight glow to my cheeks. This smooth formula is a dream to work with and isn't drying on my already dry skin.

One thing I will say is, this product is super pigmented! Not one that you can put on quickly without looking. Less is certainly more. 

Have you ever tried out MAC's mineralized blushes before?? What did you think?

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18 January 2013

Review: Pixy Tutti Fruity

I bought some Pixy products for some friends for Christmas. As part of the package I got two mini bath bombs as a gift from the Pixy online team. So I gave my friend the present and kept the two mini bath bombs to try out for myself.

Tutti Fruity
So far I've only used up one in the bath. I've never used one before this and I was quite curious as to what it does. So run hot bath, add a Yankee candle into the room. And then drop the bath bomb into the tub and let it fizz away.

As it melts quite quickly, the water turns a slightly pink hue, which weakens the more water there is in the tub.

The glitter from the bath bomb floats on the water as the rest is dissolved.

So what did I think of using the bath bomb? Well like I said it was a first time for me. However I don't think it's something I'm 100% totally sold on. Maybe it was because it was a small one and I didn't get the full impact on it. I'm hoping to go into Lush or to my local pharmacy  that sells Pixy (I found this out after I made my purchases online) this week so maybe I will try out theirs. The glitter on the product looks pretty. I didn't find my body was covered in glitter or anything - which is good as they are pretty big chunks of glitter. There is a very light fragrance to the bath. (I had to blow out my candle to make sure I wasn't smelling my Yankee). I also received another one in "Lime Light" which I've yet to use. The bath tub however needs a scrub right after use as the glitter is everywhere.

In regards to cleansing the skin as Pixy claims it does? Well I thought my skin was pretty clean after but I think that was down to my body wash more than the bath fizzie.

I think these are great for presents for anyone that loves a nice relaxing bath. I might just have to try out a full size one to see how it compares to the smaller size.

Pixy's website - www.pixy.ie 

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16 January 2013

Catch up with Celeste # 1

Would you be interested in finding out what I have been up to in the last week? This is similar kind of post I've come across a lot on other blogs  and I want to get more personal posts out there. So "Catch up with Celeste" posts should be popping up more often.

Over the last 2 weeks I've been quite busy. I surprised myself that I managed to have 5 posts in the last week. I'm trying to keep up with my  blogging, tweeting and facebook. (thankfully my twitter is linked to my facebook so you can get updates there ).
Over Christmas I started an Instagram account. Yes, the user name is the same as my personal twitter account but I want to show up on my personal twitter when I want to share it via twitter as it's not all make up.

But what have I been up to? Well the last 2 weeks, like I said, I've been quite busy. Apart from 12 hour shifts in work I flew over to London.

I was booked on a 9 o clock flight with Aer lingus to London and I managed to finish work early and got to the check-in around 6 and managed to get on to the 7 o clock flight! Woop! Thank god. The thought of getting back to Ross's apartment at 11 at night was killing me after being up since 04:30am that morning. Those two hours made the difference.

I got to chill with a nice bottle of my favourite ginger beer Crabbies. I don't like to drink beer - but this one is lovely and sweet and easy to drink!

My local pub at home sells this for €5.10 which is super expensive given that I can buy this for £2 at least? I did find the ginger beer in Super Quinn for €3.15. I was over the moon :)

My cousin Fi works in Victoria's Secret on New Bond street in London. It was first time ever being there. The store was huge! There was a sale on and the place was packed. It has 4 levels. The lower level had the likes of tracksuits, hoodies and lounge wear. Because it was a sale pretty much anything I liked was gone in my size. The ground floor was the usual undies and the first floor was the same. I didn't know Victoria's Secret had their own make up line! I was tempted to buy one or two things. The lip glosses are meant to taste amazing! Fi was really convincing to buy too much stuff. The offers that they had wear amazing. PJ's half price from £44 - £20? I don't mind! Ross was clearly uncomfortable so he headed up the "man creche"...well it's the top floor where there's a seating area where men sit and just play on their phones.

On my way back to Dublin I had £50 in Gatwick vouchers that I've had for ages that needed spending. I decided against cosmetics but to go for a nice bag.....A Juicy Couture bag! It's leather messenger like bag with gold zip detail. It was on sale, then with my £50 vouchers I just had to pay the balance of £84! But I love it ! Great for hand luggage and a good few compartments in it!

This week, I've been working, what seems to be, lots. Ross came over and I got to spend even more time with him. On my 12 hour shifts  I'm quite (excuse the language) bolloxed! Although it will be 4 weeks till I see him again. In the mean time all a girl can do is keep busy! Time for catching up with friends before they give birth, spend my Make Up Forever Voucher and to get my hair done!

I'm going to get a post together about a topshop lippie X
Here's a quick preview of me wearing the lippie in London

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14 January 2013

Blog Award: The Liebster

It's not the Golden Globes for blogs....but it's an award!

Rachael from Virgo has nominated me for the liebster award! This is the second time I have received this award from a fellow blogger. Thank you Rachael!

So for those who don't know what "The Liebster" award is, it is an award that bloggers can nominate other bloggers (who have less than 200 followers).

The Liebster Award has a few rules though.

  • Nominate 11 up and coming or new bloggers (with less than 200 followers)
  • If you receive a nomination you must: 
    • Tell 11 random things about you
    • Answer the 11 questions your nominator asked
    • Notify the bloggers that you have nominated them and set out your own 11 questions.

11 Random Facts about me

  1. I'm the youngest in my family.
  2. Cheese is one of my most favourite things to eat. Cheese toasties for life!
  3. I can't stand messy writing.
  4. I'm convinced my fingers are dyslexic...The amount of time it takes me to write posts because of corrections is UNREAL.
  5. I'm late for a lot of things...
  6. I'm trying to broaden my palatte...I'm normally quite the plain jane with food.
  7. I've convinced people before that my mother is french as my name is french (which is untrue as she is from Dublin too)...(This normally follows with do you speak french?)
  8. I love some clothes that are really..."out there" but I'm too afraid to try out the look.
  9. I cry at emotional films. The Lion King - who didn't?
  10. I used to love doing art when in school. Mum thought I was  going to go to art college - but then again  I think most mum's think their kids are great artisits
  11. I refer to my dog Podge as Mr Podge!

Questions from Rachael at Virgo 

  1. Favourtie Blogger?  Oh, this is a hard one. It's a tie up between  The Sunday Girl and  Liana Beauty 
  2. Where are you from? Dublin, Ireland 
  3. Favourtie Ice Cream Flavour? Baked Alaska (Ben & Jerry's)
  4. What do you do during long bus/car rides? iPod or a magazine
  5. Favourite moments in Life? When I can help out a friend and it means the world to them
  6. What kind of person do you want others to see you as? As a loving person
  7. What do you think about haters? I think it's sad that "haters" want to create negativity. NOTHING GOOD COMES FROM IT.
  8. What do you hate the most? How much money defines so many peoples lives.
  9. Describe your style? Laid back/ relaxed
  10. What's the first thing you put in your bag? Keys, so I can get back into my house in case I forget something!
  11. Prefer to receive things or give things? Give things. I love shopping for people!

My 11 Questions for the nominations

  1. Why did you decide to write a blog?
  2. Converse or runners?
  3. Dance music or Rock music?
  4. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
  5. Favourite perfume?
  6. What blogger needs more followers?
  7. What was the last nice thing you did for someone?
  8. Where are you from?
  9. Who inspires you?
  10. Favourtie childhood film?
  11. What is your pet peeve?

Who I nominate for The Liebster Award

11 January 2013

The importance of packaging # 4

As part of a Christmas present from a friend I received this lip glaze from Stila.

It was my first lip product from Stila and so far I really like the shade and the product as it is my first day trying. The only pain?

I don't know what colour it is! It doesn't say it anywhere on the product. It was individually wrapped as a singular lipgloss so there's no other packagaing that comes with this product.

Can any of you beauty babes help me out??

Can you name the above gloss? I've looked online but I can't be sure which shade it is!

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10 January 2013

Tag: If I were...

I seen this tag on The Lily White English Rose and I thought I'd give it a go!

if i were a gemstone I would be emerald
if i were a scent I would be Vanilla
if i were a pair of shoes I would be converse
if i were the weather I would be breezey
if i were a facial expression I would be confused :S

if i were a car I would be a fiat 500
if i were a time of day I would be lunch time 
if i were a month I would be October (crunchy leaves oooh yeah!)
if i were a place I would be a park

if i were a liquid I would be tea
if i were a taste I would be lime

if i were a sea animal I would be a seal 
if i were a food I would be cheese
if i were a colour I would be teal 
if i were a musical instrument I would be a tin whistle
if i were a flower I would be a daisy
if i were a song I would be "I had a dream"

if i were a planet I would be Earth (I'm quite the home bird)
if i were an object I would be a blanket
if i were a fruit I would be a raspberry
if i were a sound I would be the sound of humming
if i were a day of the week I would be Sunday - as I love lie on's and well it's a day of rest!

If you do this tag please let me know and link it to me in the comments below X

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09 January 2013

Review: No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes

I'm sure you've read what I won on beaut.ie

I know wipes aren't good for your skin. But they are much better than not taking your make up off altogther. Being in a long distant relationship and only going over to the UK for a few days at a time I've become some what of an (well I think) of an expert on what to bring cosmeticly wise. Sometimes I still bring too much but wipes are a staple in my cabin baggage to save on space and products.

Darn this regulation:
So, with me bringing night cream, day cream & serum my bag is nearly already full. Not inculding my deodrant and the rest of my make up. With wipes you don't need to fit them into the plastic bag! Yay!But I'm not going to go in to massive detail about these wipes as I feel like there's nothing new about these wipes compared to others. But one thing I will say that I love is the packaging.! It's just so clever. Each wipe I've used hasn't dried out one bit. They are super moist and remove face make up no problem. The little plastic lid keeps the wipes moist and fresh. Like I'm opening the packet for the first time. Everytime. Whenever I have wipes I tend to store them face down so that I can keep as much moisture in the wipes as possible! I have a pack of baby wipes at home as well but the moisture goes out of them quickly so I remove the first layer and not using it and going for the second layer straight away and not using the dried out one.

But I find I have to go over my eye make up again with a second wipe or with Bio Derma. I've still loads left and I try to not use as often and keep up with my cleansing routine at night.

Do you use wipes? Which ones do you use?

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08 January 2013

"Share the Love" Blog Hop (I'm co-hosting)

Welcome to Northen Beauty Blogs 5th 'Share the Love' Blog Hop!

This Week we have 4 Lovely Ladies 

Celeste from Madames Made Up
Dawn from Dawn's Disaster
Les from Leslyn's Lovely Life
Rachel from The Easley's
who have all very kindly offered to Co-Host it with Northern Beauty Blog.

Blog hops are a great & fun way to be discovered, meet and gain new followers, and to be inspired by other bloggers. 

This hop will be Open from Tuesday 8th January 2013 for 1 week.

If you would like to Co-Host please a Comment on The Host - Northern Beauty Blogs Page & i will get back to you as soon as possible with a date. 

To join the hop.

There are a few very simple rules...
1. Please follow The Host - Northern Beauty Blogs - Blog & the Co-hosts Blogs.
leave a comment if you'd like us to follow you on your blog. 

 2.Hop around and be inspired - Please follow & say Hi to at least 5 new bloggers and don't forget to let them know that you found them through our blog hop

3. If you wish please Copy & Paste the Blog Hop ( Cupcake ) grab Button below & Display it on your Blog in the side bar.

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07 January 2013

Review: Soap & Glory, Make Yourself Youthful

Since my last post on Estee Lauders Night Repair I've started using a serum during the day. My weapon of choice...

Soap & Glory Make Yourself Youthful Super Rejuvenating Face Serum.


So what does Soap and Glory have to say about the product?

"Packed with collagen-boosting PENTAPEPTIDES, proven wrinkle-smoother - DELINER™ - and a secret, circulation stimulating organic OXYGEN COMPLEX, this amazing super-regenerating facial serum helps re-energize tired skin, smooth surface imperfections, refine pores, recalibrate uneven skin tone, brighten, tone and tighten, while acting as a light-medium nightly moisturizer. (Packs way above its weight in bang-for-your-buck efficacy.)"

I've been using this product pretty much everyday since I bought it back in November. The texture is a much thicker serum to ones I've used in the past. To me the product smells slightly like Terry's Chocolate Orange.....Weird I know! It glides on to the skin beautifully and sinks in no problem. I finish with my moisturiser of choice for the day. I find that my skin has a slight glow to it after using the product which is amazing for my dry skin. For my non-make up days if I'm not interested in even wearing BB Cream, I'm quite happy to go about my day with this.

Before I started using this product I had gotten into only using a serum (Night Repair) at night time. But these winter months have just sucked the moisture right out of my face and neck. When applying this product I apply to my face I use what ever is left over and bring it down my neck and over my hands. I apply a moisturiser to lock it in place.

The first time I used this product was in December when I was over in Edinburgh visiting my boyfriend. It was funny the first time I used it I got ID'd in a bar. Ross had nipped to the loo and I also had my bear hat on. I'm 25 and the woman must have thought I looked at least 17! Too funny - I did think it was the serum at the time but it was clearly the hat....

Do you use a serum? Have you tried this product?

Thanks for stopping by :)

04 January 2013


On a recent shopping trip I found myself in Penneys and I came across this for €3.50

It's Penney's take on nail art (like the caviar nails by Ciate) It's something I can't say I've a huge interest in doing. But if you can get the same effect for only €3.50.....well sure why not. In the set you get two little bottles and a funnel. There was no choice of colours in the Penneys I was in so I could only pick up black. In one container you get 10mls black nail polish and in the other you get 14g of black beads. The funnel is to help with putting the left over beads back in the little jar neatly.

The black polish is super opaque. It doesn't need a second coat at all. For my accent nail I did apply a second coat so the little beads have something to stick so. In the plastic container that the nail polish was held in I poured out some beads and placed my ring finger with wet nail polish and ensured I gave a generous coating of beads.

To be honest I wore this look for only a little while....yes my nail polish application was terrible but what I found most frustrating was that the beads came off after a while. While eating dinner I was afraid of swallowing them....not that kind of caviar is good for anyone to eat!! I ended up tipping them off a few at a time.

The idea is great for a polish look but it's not very practical. You can't get more than a few hours to a day out of the look at the beads will fall off or get knocked off. But not bad for €3.50 right? The black nail polish really surprised me as it was far more blacker than my 17 & Bourjois black nail polishes. The consistency is rather thick but other than that - Amazing!!

Have you tried the caviar look?

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03 January 2013

I want to read YOUR blogs!

Hello :)

I've created a button on my blog in the side panel.

Tell me about your blog on Madames Made Up

When you click the button it brings you to a page that you can write in the comments links to your blog! I love reading blogs and I always want to add to my list. Not only will you be showing me your blog but it will be open for anyone to view. :)


Thanks for stopping by :)

02 January 2013

Review: Cocoa Brown Tan

First of all Happy New Year! I hope you all have a good one :)

There's been a lot of hype on Twitter about a new Irish tan that has come on the market.

I'm not one for tanning to be honest. I've tried Sally Hansen but I found it really messy. I've tried Dove gradual tanner moisturiser but you have to do that a few days in advance and build it up to ensure you get the desired effect. I also found I would miss bits. I'm sometimes not a patient woman for this so if I had tan on my legs I could feck it up and have to wear trousers / skinny jeans out.

Then I started reading about Cocoa Brown and watched a youtube review on it. You can watch it here. So I was quite interested in trying out this product given it's many wonderful reviews. I totally came across it by accident in my local pharmacy. The pharmacy didn't stock Cocoa Brown tanning mitt so I bought the Tantastic mitt.

Cocoa Brown Tan €7.99
The tanning product is a mousse and a little goes a long way! I've tried this out twice. I did it for one hour the first time then washed it off and the second night I reapplied it for a deeper effect and left it on for 3 and a half hours...(I kinda lost track of time). On the cocoabrown.ie they advise against this but sometimes I just like to break the rules and learn from my own mistakes! Here's a photo of me on my night out wearing it for the first time after allowing only 1 hour for development.

After 1 hour development
Here's a photo of me on the second night. Of course both were taken on different cameras. The above one was on a camera phone (HTC something!) and the second one was on a proper camera. 

Top up of the 1 hour application, applied for 3 and a half hours.
I don't think either photo's do the tan any justice....I'm really fair. I find I look really washed out in photo's but I really love the look of it. What do I love about the tan? It's not messy a small squirt of the mousse and it expands soo much. After two nights of application I've loads left. To be honest I feel like I've hardly used any of it. There is a slight scent off it but I don't think it's anything unbearable. It lasts about 3-4 more showers before the tan is completely washed away (that's if you don't exfoliate it away!)

Ms Carter - you've changed my mind on tan! It is something I think I will do more often.

You can visit www.cocoabrown.ie for some tanning tips!

Thanks for stopping by :)
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