02 December 2012

The importance of packaging # 3

The packaging of a product is hugely important for me. It can frustrate me to no end about how silly some are. 

My first mini rant on cotton buds or "Q tips"  (that would be number 1) as my American cousins would say I tried to fix the problem. I now no longer use a sandwich bag for them I use the make up bag I got in the MAC christmas collection last year.

And my beloved MAC's MSF and it's stupid packaging (number 2)! Now here's another (mini) rant.

Today when going to apply some of my smashbox primer

(prepare yourselves for a really old picture

from one of my first blog posts)

This was in a post where I showed you what products I got in my local pharmacy for €10!

This primer I really do like it, I don't use it enough. I suppose it's because it was a tenner and I'd have to pay full whack for it and I'm just trying to save it.

The only thing is ... I find that it's quite hard to get product out of the bottle. The pump works, but the product is all around the perimeter of the bottle. I find myself using the tube to scrape the primer the pumping action won't reach and rolling the tube with the primer just to get enough for an application. Although this works for now, but what happens when there's less primer and the tube won't reach it? I know Smashbox have fixed this problem with the new packaging....d'ya think they'll swap the old packaging for the newer one? (I doubt it!) 

I suppose I shall have to buy the newer packaging, it would be so much easier. I now just have to find somewhere that sells smashbox as I think my local pharmacy no longer stock it....well it has been a while...I might just pop over on my next day off!

Do you have any products who's packaging annoys you?

Thanks for stopping by :)

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