11 December 2012

Review: www.babyshower.ie

If any of you follow me on Twitter or like Madames Made Up on Facebook, you might have noticed I mentioned about doing a baby shower for two friends of mine. Yes, a highly american thing to do but a fun thing! For my friend in work I got some stuff for the shower. For the second one I bought presents. :)

Doing some research online I came across a website www.babyshower.ie. I was instantly interested. 2 working days delivery? No problem. I ordered on Saturday morning with my total coming to €80.91. Because I spend over €75 I got free delivery. I wanted to see what I was getting for the first shower to see if I would be interested in purchasing anymore items for the second shower.

My first baby shower was happening on the Wednesday after my purchase.

So what did I purchase?

x1 Mum-to-be sash €4.99
x2 Baby Shower balloons €5.98 (€2.99 each)
x1 Delux Nappy Cake (yellow) €44.99
x2 Baby Prediction Cards €9.98 (€4.99 each)
x1 Baby Napkins €4.99
x1 Party plates €4.99
x1 Party Cups €4.99

By Tuesday I still haven't received my products. I had a day off from work that day so was at home pretty much all day. Tuesday night babyshower.ie emailed me:

I thought this to me a bit odd as I was at home all day and so was my mum. Wednesday morning I made sure I was in the house. 10:25am came and my mum came into my room with a yellow piece of paper. Mum knew I was expecting a delivery. She seen a man in a high-vis walk by our house she ran out of the house as he drove off and he stopped at  the other side of the estate. Mum shouted over "Do you have a parcel for me?". The man replied "yeah I left it at the side of the house". I've received many parcels from online purchases and if there was any difficulty they'd ring the door bell or ring the contact number which would have been my mobile number which had to be given to complete a purchase on babyshower.ie.

Mum said to the gentleman "you didn't even ring the door bell"..."oh I did" he replied "for 10 mins". - Yeah right! I would have heard the bell, my mum would have heard and  the dogs would have went mental because my door bell is quite loud!
The yellow slip that was posted said that permission was given to place at the side of the house. - Again, what a load of bull. My mum was less than impressed, given that it's coming up to Christmas and a lot of people are having Christmas presents bought from online being delivered to their house. A burglars dream!

Fastway.ie I'm not impressed!
So mini rant over.

What did my purchases look like?

The sash was great, kinda obvious who was the moma-to-be but I really liked it! I think it looked really cute on the moma-to-be!

The balloons great as they were it cost me €4 each to have them blown up in my local florist. Did I just spend €7 on each balloon? My local florist doesn't have a great selection of balloons. For my dad's 60th I wanted to get him a balloon, but he ended up getting a balloon with a dinosaur on it.

I loved the prediction cards - great idea! I forgot to take photo's of the cards but I seriously loved them. Great fun. I wonder how close I was in the prediction!

If I was to go back in time with some cop on I would have just bought napkins for €1 in tesco for 100 napkins.

Paper cups and plates I could have bought at the pound (or euro) shop, but the one's I got were lovely! The plates were pretty and quite big they held a lot on them.

The nappy cake. This is an image taken from the website babyshower.ie
Probably the one thing I was quite excited about seeing. And the one thing I was most disappointed with. The above image I've taken from the website. Here's a photo of my nappy cake as  I received it.

It was tilted to the side, and it looked tiny! I know there's photo's online but for €44.99...it seems like a bit expensive. I know nappies (or diapers to you USA people!) are expensive but still! I think for the second shower I could do just as a good job on a nappy cake. I can always try it out!

I was talking to a girl in work who has a 2 year old her and for her babyshower she got a nappy cake from www.nappycakes.ie so of course I had a little look on the website...

They are quite cute, but to be honest I think if there's going to be one at a shower I attend I 'll be making it myself.

Thanks for stopping by :)
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