16 December 2012

Not just for Christmas...

All my friends know I am a huge animal lover.
I don't remember mentioning before about the pets we have at home. I grew up having pets in the family. dogs, cats, guinea pig, goldfish and even a pet mouse (although I don't remember him!)
At the moment, at home we have 2 pugs (Podge and Buster) and a cat (Pebbles)
As animal lover I know the responsiblity it takes to look after an animal. This christmas I hope those that are planning on getting a pet for christmas please think about what you are taking on. This is another life who needs you to look after them. These need to be fed, to be walked, to be played with, to have their bellies rubbed, to be taken to the vet when needed and most of all they need to be loved.
The above "Canine Commadments" don't only go for dogs, but for all animals.

At Christmas time many pups and kittens and other baby animals will be given as presents  to someone's loved one. At the time they are great presents but many people feel a few weeks or months down the line that they are not capable to look after these pets. Many times these animals are left tied up at the side of the road or outside supermarkets. This is unfair to the animal. They think they've found a home and to be left alone, tied up. This is just cruel. So please think about getting an animal.

I found this picture on the dogs trust facebook page...it shows what happens when people don't think it through...

If you are thinking of getting someone a pet or if anyone you know is please please please make sure you or they know what kind of commitment it takes to look after an animal.

Thanks for stopping by :)
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