13 November 2012

The only reason I don't like MSF as of this morning....

If you read my past posts on MAC's MSF (Mineralise Skin Finish) you will know this is the only powder that I'm 100% happy to use. I just simply love it.

But this morning in work while going to grab my perfume out of my bag I discovered something...
There's been times where I noticed on the lid of the MSF sometimes pop s out of place but sits inside the compact. This morning how ever, as I reached in to take out my bath & body works perfume/body spray my finger met something....

This was the result:

My finger was scratching the surface of the powder. (You can see the damage above) Also the corner of my purse was doing the same damage....now my black purse has a powder stain!! GRR!! What annoys me even more? IT WAS A NEW POWDER.

I honestly don't know how the centre part of the lid came loose from the product in my bag!
Note to self: use that mini leopard print make up bag from penneys!

When I was in Nashville my Magic Minerals broke in my bag as well back in September. I tweeted the picture :( 

Photo from @MadamesMadeUp twitter
I think I'm just having bad luck with powders!
Has this happened to you?

Thanks for stopping by :)

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