24 November 2012

Show me your angle on REAL TECHNIQUE(s)

Yes, more Real Techniques brushes but since I loved the contour brush and the buffering brush from the core collection I decided to go and buy some more brushes from the range.

I've bought the blush brush, the angled foundation brush and the powder brush. (Yes, at the time there was an offer, 3 for 2 in boots) - like my mother I love a bargain. "Sure it was only..."

So let's have a little look at one of the brushes - the angled foundation brush.

Since I wasn't impressed with the pointed angled foundation brush mainly because of the size I had better hopes for the angled foundation brush -which is a lot bigger. Like the core collection is has light goldish colour aluminum ferrules with the base being black. The base is much wider and it has a flat bottom to help the brush stand on it's own. The hairs on the brush, like the rest are taklon bristles. Yes, animal friendly! (wahoo!)

So how does it apply the foundation? It does a good job! It's all down to the bristles. It doesn't absorb the foundation like previous brushes I've had. Washing it I noticed it doesn't shed (a couple of washes that is!). The make up is applied quickly and you are left with a great finish. I've used this brush on a couple of foundations and I've been happy with the results every time. My skin looks great and although I love the buffering brush, this is one of the best "paddle" like brushes I've used in ages!

Have you tried the real techniques by Samantha Chapman?
The angled brush or any other brushes? What did you think?

Thanks for stopping by :)

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