13 November 2012

Rimmel BB Cream 9-in-1

The first time I wore this in front of my mum, she said "oh your make up is lovely"....Well she knew I was wearing something on my skin. But didn't know it was Rimmels BB Cream. I came across this in a 3 for 2 Boots make up section and I just can't say no to 3 for 2! ....I know, I have a problem.

The only shades I found were light and medium. Of course I picked light. Coming into winter SPF25? Well technically you are meant to wear SPF all year round. So why not in a BB or a foundation if your moisturiser doesn't have it?
The above photo's are with out concealer. I think it did a pretty good job at concealing blemishes.

It claims to:
  1. Prime - yeah I'd say so I've used it under foundation and it flattens out any pores (I've only small ones anway, - if invisable!)
  2. Moisturise - I always use a moisturiser anyway. I wouldn't rely on it as I felt it sits on the skin.
  3. Minimise pores - again not one of my concerns!
  4. Conceals - Yup, I felt it did a good job at concealing some spots. It don't have dark under eye circles but is worked under my eye for a small bit of concealment.
  5. Covers - light to medium coverage.
  6. Smoothes - Well I don't have any lines that really need to smooth out or anything. It works good to smooth out stuff like a primer!
  7. Mattifies - I didn't think so! I didn't apply powder when I too the above photo's and it sure don't look matte to me!!
  8. Brighten - Well I think brighten is used loosely. I felt slightly greasey....and I've dry skin!
  9. Helps protect - SPF 25? Yeah I'll give ya that.
I've applied this with Sigma's F80 and with my fingers. I much prefer to apply with the brush. I felt my fingers "wore" the BB away. It's something I feel that has quite a thick consistantly that doesn't blend all that well. Using the brush I had a thicker application of the BB cream the using my finger tips and it doesn't buff into the skin good. The shade was a smidge too yellow, but again only a smidge.(You really notice on my hand). I will say on a lazy no make up day this will work ok.

Yes, I've got bonzer / contour and blush on in the side of the face shot but you can still see my freckles :)

9-in-1? I think it gets 3 out of the 9 for me! 
What do you think? Do you like BB creams?

Thanks for stopping by :)
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