10 November 2012

Non-Stop Red 510

Maybelline Super Stay 14 hours - Non Stop Red 510

I bought this lipstick just before Halloween. I do shift work, it's a mixture of 9, 10 and 12 hour shifts. I wore this lipstick in for my 12 hour shift the other day. The super strong red has a matte finish. So I  added the tiniest bit of gloss to the lipstick so that my lips weren't so dry. The colour I love it.

During my 12 hour shift I talk alot, giving out information to whoever needs it. Answering phones, speaking to the public etc. Also eating and drinking. The lipstick I felt was still promenent 8 hours in but not as fresh looking. However at the end of the 12 hours I felt the lipstick was completely worn away in the middle of my lips and the out line of my lips still had a stronger colour. The colour didn't bleed at all which was amazing! 14 hours? Yeah a bit ambitious to put that on the label but maybe 10 hours wear...after all I'm guessing that it was pretty strong 10 hours on but no where near as good as what it was when I first applied it. I like this lipstick and I will continue to use it! I just have to make sure I don't have too much of a dry lip before hand. Gloss over the top is an essential for me.

Thanks for stopping by :)
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