06 November 2012

More oil for the locks?

If you read this blog (whenever I do post) you may know I'm quite fond of oil for the hair. Like Moroccan oil or the Body shop beautifying oil.

If you follow my twitter you would have noticed me twitting from Nashville at one point. When I was away in America for 10 days in September I travelled around for a little bit. First at Cincinnati (where the wedding was at), Nashville, Memphis, Indianapolis and back to Cincinnati! I managed to get to a Sephora for what seemed to be 5 minutes for me...But I'm sure I was a tad bit longer....(I normally am!)

I had to get my friend Emma some Anastasia Brow Whizz and while I was in there I had a little look at some make up, convinced myself I didn't need any, came across Ojon and said $25? Grab and to the till I was at! I convinced myself for some reason this product was around the €30 mark...Anyway $25 dollars works out at about €19-€20 euro. The ojon hair oil retails according to Kirstie Mc Dermott in the Irish Examiner to be €26.50. So I saved €6.50?


I've tried the oil a number of times and so far I love it! It's a lot thinner than my previous love Moroccan oil. I have the tiniest bit left in my bottle and I suppose I'm saving it for a rainy day....the bottle has lasted me over 2 years! And I use it all of the time.

Before I left for America in September I got my hair done. I feel like the hairdresser put in a few too many "clean blondes" and my hair felt really really dry. In fact, hard to manage dry. I've used this oil, pretty much since I bought it . The container has a little squeezey bit so you can control how much you apply which is dead handy.

I love it. A little goes a long way with this oil. It's a much thinner consistanty than Moroccan but it does the job just as good. I love it!! My hair oil addiction continues!

Thanks for stopping by :)
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